Thursday, August 19, 2010

My PAX Prime Schedule!

Okay, so, I'm posting this as much for myself as for anyone reads this. I don't want you think I have such a big head as to think my schedule is of grand interest to humanity at large. But in case you did want to stalk me, consider this a handy reference guide! You're welcome!

I'm appearing on three panels at the convention, which I'll list below. One is the second annual Brodeo reunion, and if you think you are looking forward to it, I'll take your enthusiasm and quadruple it. Cuz I lurv those guys and I miss talking with them. As was the case a year ago, this'll basically be the first time we're all back in the same room again talking. So whatever happens, I think we'll just be happy to be in each other's company again. The other two panels are somewhat related to my now-defunct EA jobs. One is about the whole "game publisher representative" thing that I tried and failed to do--but that others on the panel are doing a fine job of. So I will be there representing the What Not To Do point of view, I suppose. :) Good times. The third panel is with folks who switched from the journalism to development side, and that one should be lots of fun. It won't be a dish-dealing kinda thing, because, as I've already said, I'm not really interested in doing that, but it will be fun to relate some of the lessons I learned while in the Sims group.

More important than my dumb panels, however, is the show itself. Because PAX (both West and East coasts) is now my favorite convention to attend. Why? Because of you: The People. It is three days with the nicest, most enthusiastic horde of nerds you could ever hope to assemble. Being in that convention is like being Home. The one thing that everyone always comments on every PAX is just how dang *friendly* everyone is, despite the long lines and the fact that everything is packed to the gills. There's just a shared sense of camaraderie and belonging there, so much so that everyone takes the logistics and long waits in stride---usually with a Nintendo DS in hand.

This year, I'm looking forward to taking advantage of my newfound freedom to do what I usually never get to do: Walk around the show floor with impunity and play games. Yay! I have no official "work" agenda now other than to show up for my panels, leaving all the rest of the time wide open for me to dork around. And dork around I shall.

So, ya know, if you see me and recognize me, come say hi. I don't bite. MOST OF THE TIME.

Anyhoo, here's the schedule of my appearances, cut and pasted straight from the official PAX website!

Saturday, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Serpent Theatre
Twittering for the Man: Social Media & Game Publishers

Community managers have long been an asset to game developers -- but spokesgeeks for publishers? That's a fairly new one. Some of the biggest publishers are building direct lines of communication to their biggest fans and harshest critics, so GamePro’s editor-in-chief John Davison will ask some of the most well-known architects -- Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Activision's Dan "OneOfSwords" Amrich, EA's Jeff "Greenspeak" Green, and Sony's Jeff "JeffPS" Rubenstein -- to explain their unusual roles, carefully balanced between the fans and The Man. How much freedom do they have under a corporate umbrella? How much are they making it up as they go along? And how come none of them seem to do their jobs the same way? Their answers will Twitter your Facebook off. Or something.

Panelists include: Larry Hryb [Director of Programming for Xbox Live, Microsoft], Dan Amrich [Social Media Manager, Activision], Jeff Rubenstein [Social Media Manager, SCEA], Jeff Green [Editor-in-Chief,, Electronic Arts], John Davison [Editor-in-Chief, GamePro]

Saturday, 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Unicorn Theatre
CGW/GFW Radio "The Brodeo" Reunion #2

CGW/GFW Radio "The Brodeo" Reunion #2: Even Eli Knows What That Means At PAX '09, Jeff Green (EA), Shawn Elliott (Irrational Games), Ryan Scott (GameSpy/Geekbox), Sean Molloy (former CGW/GFW editor) and Robert Ashley ( assembled to relive the podcast glory days of CGW/GFW Radio "The Brodeo" in a rollicking (and often hilarious) panel that discussed the demise of Games for Windows: The Official Magazine, how they "stumbled" into writing for a magazine, why some articles never saw the light of day, personal anecdotes of PR gone very wrong, and diapered anime fans. Come see what dark corners of the Internet they explore this year!

Panelists include: Robert Ashley [], Sean Molloy Ryan Scott [GameSpy/], Shawn Elliott [Irrational Games], Jeff Green [EIC]

Sunday, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM, Serpent Theatre
Rookie Years: Stories from First Projects

How did you get that gig and what happens after you've landed your dream job? Julian Murdoch (Gamer's with Job's podcast) uncovers the stories of four new developers and their first projects. Developers including Jeff Green (Electronic Arts) and David Heron (Hothead) reveal their shared experiences, misconceptions, successes and failures. Audience questions will be answered.

Panelists include: David Heron [Game Designer, Hothead Games], Julian Murdoch [Founder, Gamer's with Jobs], Jeff Green [Electronic Arts]

Hope to see ya there!


Anonymous said...

If there's no podcast version of the second panel you're going to be on, would you perhaps consider writing a blog about the mistakes you made at EA?

Some of us have an inkling where things might've soured, but it would be damned interesting to read about it from the horse's mouth.

My guess is that, in hindsight, you'd probably admit (perhaps reluctantly) that the EA Podcast was a bit of a fizzle - why? - because you were trying to reproduce the success of the GFW podcast, which was very much its own beast. As one person wrote in the comments section of your previous blog, at EA you were podcasting through a 'filter' - as good a word as any. The filter really did make all the difference, and it seems to me that you never did find a way past it, although obviously you tried.

The filter thing kind of applies to the editor-in-chief position as well.

Were you really the 'editor-in-chief'?

You guys at CGW/GFW were always at your best, I think, when you had something to sink your teeth into. An example of this was the firing of Jeff Gerstmann, and the consequences of his firing - that made for a sublime podcast. Or your own interview with Bill Roeper, as his company was fading away into insolvency - that was a particularly well written piece. Or your superb open letter to Richard Garriott...

.... a pattern is emerging here, n'est ce pas?

The point is, you were at your best when you had something to write about, and being the 'editor-in-chief' of a corporate website obviously never allowed you to write about anything of consequence.

It just seemed to me that your talents were never being utilized at EA, and that you were constantly facing a headwind.

I suspect that on your ninetieth birthday, when you're lying on your back in the old foggies home... excuse me... in the assisted-living care facility... that these past two years you've just lived will be a complete blur.

Well that's alright, we all have blurry patches in our liveses.

Sorry, Green, I'm starting to put words into your mouth here. I'd really love to read that blog though.

You could title it: "Dead Space, My Time At EA." Get it! Dead Space! Ha - I crack myself up!

The Goose

Jeff Green said...


It's not going to take me until my 90th birthday to feel that way about the past two years. I may get there by October. You're pretty much nail-on-the-head with everything. And, yeah, at some point I'll start processing this (as much as I can) on the blog. Right now I'm just enjoying being free again. :)

Anonymous said...

Of course.

Enjoy your free time while it lasts. Me, I'm waiting on Mafia 2.

The demo was just amazing. I can't wait for Tuesday night to arrive.

Tristessa said...

As your semi-official stalker, I'm checking in to report my attendance at two of those panels. I'd make the third but it's right up against the Brodeo and I live in fear of not making it to things on time.

Even if I ran straight from "Twittering For the Man" to "Brodeo" I'd be faced with a big ol' line - and I like my spot up close!

This year's schedule is crazy! So many of the things I want to see are scheduled at the same time as, or back to back with the others.

...and unless many of the later panels start/end well after the scheduled time, I might actually be able to make some meet ups this year.

Macroe said...

How are you planning to handle the nasty surprise that Mr. Elliott will surely set loose upon the hapless attendees at the Brodeo reunion panel? Is there any type of mental push ups that you can do to prepare yourself? Or do you simply stick it deep in your subconsciousness until it attacks the well being of listeners worldwide?

Dan said...

Jeff, I waited in line for 2.5 hours at PAX 09 to see the Brodeo Reunion. Luckily, it paid off -- I sat three rows from the front with a friend of mine. I got a great view, first dibs on some Korean candy, and I was able to tenderly stroke Jeremy Parish's neckline.

My friend's the kind of guy who idolizes everyone in the game industry. It's a little creepy... when Mr. Ashley tweeted to N'Gai that he was at 4th and Pike, my friend ran out of the hotel to track him down and take pictures covertly.

So he knew who you guys were, but never listened to GFW Radio, under the assumption that "All they talk about is PC games, right?"

We left your panel with the biggest smiles on our faces, laughing about Satisfaction Jackson, Robert Ashley's feces, Poopydiapergirl, and the GFW Rap (By the way, I'm the guy that yelled for you to "Just do it" when you and Shawn were being babies about doing the rap). My friend regretted never listening to any of your podcasts, and decided to go back and listen to every episode.

We won't be able to attend PAX this year thanks to financial troubles, so I'll have to say "Thank You" here. You all are hilarious, incredible people, and I look forward to listening to the panel when it comes out.


Anonymous said...

Damn, is Anthony not going to be on the Brodeo panel again this year? What's the deal? Is he not your bro anymore?

Well regardless, can't wait to see or hear the panel this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next job-wise. Have fun at Pax!

Sully said...

Another vote for Anthony on the Brodeo reunion. His attitude and tone seemed to mesh perfectly with the rest of you. I understand why he's not in the group. I just wish it didn't have to be so.

Wish I could make these events, but it's just not in the cards financially. I am sure, however, some wonderful Brodeo-loving audio geek will record it and post it as a podcast somewhere sometime, and I can't wait to download it.

Cheers and thanks.

Matt M said...

Will The Brodeo reunion eventually be posted online?

James D. Bausch said...

I'll be there.

How early are we gonna have to line up for the Brodeo reunion?

Gert said...

White Wolf Incident Story confirmed. I asked and you remembered.
Thanks Jeff.

mybach62 said...
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Anonymous said...

I third that Anthony should be on the panel.

Also, maybe you guys can have a conversation about picking up on Out of the Game. It was a good show! It was nice to listen to! It gave me something to during the low points of two separate internships! I am begging you with exclamation points!

Larry Eisner said...

I love me some Gallegos, but I agree with your guys' decision on that one. However, I do second the discussion on "Out of the Game".

Although I know that's not true Brodeo either.

So whatever. I'm internally struggling here with the respect for the system, and my own strange podcast desires. What a strange and wonderful world in which we live, eh?

Honestly, please also allow me to add my own best wishes for your future. I don't know you from Adam, except for what you've chosen to put in public, but you seem like a cool dude, and that you've always attempted to put your heart into your work as best as you could. I have great respect for that, and sincerely think (as I hope you do as well) that anyone with that kind of desire to bring quality and love to their career, is never long between jobs, as good employers never miss something like that. Enjoy your time with family and friends, and also, convince Mr. Hot Shot Bioshock Infinite to get in gear regarding Out of the Game. (Just kiddin, if you read this, Mr. Elliott, sir. I love hearing about your Dad haggling over Cheetos. Seriously.)

(Man, I wish I could go to PAX...) :(

Larry Eisner said...

And yes, I know there's extraneous commas in my post. Screw you for judging me. :)

(Editor's (my) notes: Remove commas from prior post after the following words: dude, career and also. That is all. -The Mgmt. No, not the band.)

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? Why are people implying that there's some glaringly obvious reason that Anthony isn't going to be on the panel? Personally I feel like it's not a true Brodeo without Anthony. Still looking forward to it though!

Larry Eisner said...

To the most recent anonymous... the reason that Anthony is not on the Brodeo reunion, is because he was not part of the original cast, nor was he really on for more than a couple episodes, as kind of a stop-gap, while the ranks filed out. (like that? I did.) :)

Everyone loves Anthony, (which ironically, was the original name for that show with Ray Romano, before they cast him), but the gang thought it wasn't the true "CGW/GFW" crew, if he was included. Anthony agreed. Hence, no Anthony Gallegos at the PAX reunions.

And seriously, why do I know all of this? It's like a strange, boring, teen drama, following all you ex-1UP peeps. Yet I love it. You guys have talent and personality. Something sorely lacking in many a podcast/games "journalist" these days.

Anonymous said...

Well that is just lame. I've gone through the whole of GFW radio from episode one to the very end twice, and when I think of the true Brodeo crew I immediately think: The two Seans, Anthony, Jeff, Ryan and Robert.

Was he really only on for a couple of episodes? Well regardless, he will always be a member of the brodeo...IN MY HEART.

Jeff Green said...

If anyone's wondering what these "deleted comments" are---they're spam. :)

Nike shox said...

I'd make the third but it's right up against the Brodeo and I live in fear of not making it to things on time.

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Yuhong Bao said...

"It's not going to take me until my 90th birthday to feel that way about the past two years. I may get there by October. You're pretty much nail-on-the-head with everything. And, yeah, at some point I'll start processing this (as much as I can) on the blog. Right now I'm just enjoying being free again. :)"
Yep, I know. PR needs to move away from controlling the message

Nike shox said...

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