Monday, August 22, 2011

My PAX Prime Schedule

PAX Prime is almost here, and y'all know what that means: TIME TO STOCK UP ON DEODORANT, YOU SMELLY SLOBS! Err, no. What I meant to say is: It's time for the best gaming convention in the universe, and I can't wait to see you all!

We don't have an official PopCap booth this year, but we will be there in the form of DANCING ZOMBIES who will have free stuff to hand out. So look for 'em! There is also a PopCap party on Sunday afternoon at the show, to which you are all invited, and at which we will have a Bejeweled Blitz tourney with some cool prizes! Note that there are over 60K people attending PAX, and our party venue holds 500. So plan accordingly. The party details can be found on Facebook, right here:

In addition, after taking a break from being a blabbermouth at PAX East in Boston, I am back in full overexposed form at PAX Prime, appearing on 5 panels (and possibly 6, if the Giant Bomb dudes let me crash!) Fortunately, they are all on different topics, so I shouldn't have to repeat myself too much, except for the whole "I'm so old I tell the same stories over and over" thing I've already had going on for years.

Anyway, if you care, here is the full list of all my PAX panel appearances, stolen directly from the official PAX site:

UP Presents: Retronauts vs. Your Fondest Memories
Kraken Theatre
Friday 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Retronauts is all about reliving our fond memories of classic games as we stroll through the medium's history, but sometimes we let our rose-tinted glasses get in the way of objectivity. Well, this episode of 1UP's live podcast is designed to rectify that. For one hour, we'll be asking our reader to name their favorite games ever and clinically (albeit lovingly!) explaining exactly what's wrong with those games. Fair's fair, though; we'll be opening the session by talking about our own personal favorites, so there'll be plenty of time to excoriate our own poor taste. No cow is sacred! Please join us for this cathartic session of objectivity and perspective.
Panelists include: Jeremy Parish [Editor-in-Chief, 1UP], Nich Maragos [Atlus], Chris Kohler [Editor, Wired], Jeff Green [PopCap]

Can Mommy & Daddy Come Over to Play? - The Truth About Being a Gamer Parent
Raven Theatre
Friday 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Can I please play for just a little bit longer?" This is a familiar sentence uttered in households around the country. But what if it's the PARENTS saying that and not the kids? Does having kids REALLY change your life THAT much? And what if video games ARE your job? How do you balance both? Come join our panel of precocious parents as we share our stories of being gamer parents and how we learned that having kids doesn't mean the games have to stop. Being a parent just means we've reached a whole new level of gameplay. (Plus, kids mean we have built-in co-op players!) Our Gamer Parent panel will include: Jeff Green of PopCap Games, Justin Korthof of Robot Entertainment, Jessica Shea of 343i & others with Stephanie Bayer of Microsoft Game Studios moderating.
Panelists include: Jessica Shea [Community Manager, 343i], Justin Korthof [Community Manager, Robot Entertainment], Jeff Green [Director of Editorial & Social Media, PopCap Games], Stephanie Bayer [Customer Engagement Lead, PopCap Games], Jamileh Delcambre [Free Agent of Awesome, Underemployed], Christa Charter [Freelance Marketing/Community Manager] Presents: Hello Fellow Babies! - Pach-Attack! LIVE
Kraken Theatre
Saturday 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Michael Pachter. Yes, he's real. Yes, he's here. And yes, you can ask him your burning questions at this exclusive panel! Pach-Attack! has taken the web by storm, and since it was debuted on, the smarmy seer has become a household name, with video views over 5 million. Here at PAX, this is your chance to challenge the analyst's legendary wit and have your game industry questions answered live at this exclusive interactive panel. Plus, what's this about special guests dubbing themselves the "Grumpy Old Men of Gaming"...? Find out! [JEFF SEZ: YEAH GUESS WHO. THAT'S ME AND GARY WHITTA. THERE, I SPOILED IT!]
Panelists include: Michael Pachter [Host, Wedbush Security / GameTrailers]

Weekend Confirmed
Unicorn Theatre
Saturday 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Weekend Confirmed returns to the PAX Prime stage to record a special show in front of the live audience. Join Garnett Lee as he hosts his fifth year of podcasting from PAX with Jeff Cannata, Xav de Matos, and special guests including John Davison, Jeff Green, and other esteemed friends. Get your PAX "confirmed" with a PAX edition of "Whatcha Been Playin?" and bring your questions for an open mic version of the
Warning. Start your Sat night at PAX off in style with Weekend Confirmed.
Panelists include: Jeff Canata, Garnett Lee, Luke Smith, Xav De Matos, Jeff Green, John Davison

Gaming as a Lifestyle
Serpent Theatre
Sunday 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Flying in the face of criticism against video games and their ruination of lives, this panel will address the topic of living a life made richer by playing games. From how to keep your job while supporting a game-playing habit, to making your game-playing habit your job. Graham Stark, Jeff Green, Ian Dorsch and James Portnow will share secrets and personal stories, deflate hype and participate in a detailed Q&A. Moderated by Russ Pitts, Editor-in-Chief of The Escapist.
Panelists include: Russ Pitts [Editor-in-Chief, The Escapist], James Portnow [CEO/Developer, Rainmaker Games], Ian Dorsch [Musician - Zero Punctuation, The Escapist], Jeff Green [Journalist/PR, PopCap], Graham Stark [Writer/Actor, LoadingReadyRun]

Good lord.


Tristessa said...

Most of those are already in my schedule. Well, they all are but I'm not 100% sure about attending the 'gamer parent' one on Friday.

Sure, I am a gamer parent...but I'm also probably not the best example of one. After all, not too long ago, I let may 8 yr old stay up til somewhere near midnight on a Saturday night - because she almost 100% completed Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Still...there may be some amusing stories at that event. And I can't be the captain of the Jeff Green Stalker Club if I miss it, can I?

I'm just hoping that this year I don't do something clumsy, like last year's: point at Gary Whitta and say "Wait - you're somebody!"

I take socially awkward to new, embarrassing and artistic levels.

Raf said...

I wish I was able to go to PAX. Sounds like a great time, Jeff, have fun. BTW, Gary already spoiled it for those who listen to This is Only a Test. Silly Gary!

Jenna said...

Jeff Green and Luke Smith reunited at last? I must be dreaming!

Anonymous said...

Um, question.

How can one participate in five such discussions, and not feel the need to re-examine one's life afterwards?

I fear that the question: "What the hell am I doing with my life?" - might weigh heavily on one's mind after such... deep discussion. Gaming is a pass time. Nothing more. To make gaming one's life is really to waste one's life. This, to me, is just further evidence of the growing decay in American society - that people have completely ceased to examine their lives, and have allowed their lower instincts to guide them, and are just satiating themselves with petty, shallow, and ultimately soul destroying self-indulgences... it just makes me sad.

Me, I've got a life.

Not like you, Green.

Me: prime example of how to live the examined life.

I've got culture. I've got books galore to read and improve myself upon. I know piano and violin, and am presently working on my third opera. My day job: I'm part of a team that's involved in ending global hunger. Sure, I downloaded Deus Ex: Human Revolution from Steam, and yes I got the Team Fortress bonus items - but 'tis merely an aside, to be played on my laptop during my long flights to Africa, where my team is presently working on the aforementioned global hunger thing.

Sure, Driver San Francisco, Dead Island, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, F1 2011, FIFA 12, Two Worlds Two: Pirates of the Flying Fortress, Rage, Might And Magic VI, Batman Arkham City, Lord of the Rings War In The North, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed Revelations, LA Noire PC, and Saint's Row The Third, will all make their way on to my PC, but I don't allow these programs to become the dominant factor in my life.

Once again, from reading this blog, I find myself shaking my head in sadness at such an obviously wasted opportunity of a life.

Jeff, you're capable of greatness, but I fear that on your final day, you're going to look back and regret those wasted hours playing WOW, or Fantasy General.

I am, however, glad to see that you still know what a paragraph is - but even here I suspect that most of this blog was a cut and paste job, written by someone else? - really, just further evidence of the decay thing I mentioned earlier: this shallow video-gaming/Twitter/Harry Potter world in which we live is really all encompassing, and just eats away at every fibre of one's being.

I hope that one day you will find what you're looking for, brother. Until then, peace to you, my friend.

(I also find it a little sad that you appear to have abanoned your novel, possibly the only worthwhile endeavor in your life... but anyway.)

Robert Coffey

Anonymous said...

Don't you listen to Weekend Confirmed, Jeff? It's one n two ts!

Charmantides said...

Any chance of recordings? I miss my weekly Aural Jeff injection. Got me through finals. Also I heard the retronauts panel was "off the hook".

Anonymous said...

Jeff... turning 50 is blog-worthy. You really have to write... something!