Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GFW Radio Rap - The Lost Verses (2008)

It may not be widely known, and has certainly not been reported on noted websites such as Wikipedia, that the original "CGW Rap" that I "banged out" on our final podcast in 2008 was really only the first verse of a larger composition I had been writing for weeks, in preparation for the full-length rap album I had planned on recording if Dr. Dre would ever return my calls like even once.

Lost and forgotten for generations, these just discovered verses, which I found when sorting through some Word files on a pile of 3.5-inch floppy "disquettes," represent the complete song as originally composed.

A true find for any completist.

"GFW Radio Rap"

GFW Radio
Listen to our podcast
Yo yo

We play PC games
Because we like 'em
If we have a good guest
We fuckin' mic him

GFW Radio
Listen to our podcast
Or go blow

We do five-page interviews
With Sid Meiers
If our intern is a dick
We fuckin' fire him

GFW Radio
Listen to our podcast

If it's turn-based gaming
You know we like it
If it's just a console port
Go take a hike, yeah?

GFW Radio
Listen to our podcast
Yo Yo
GFW Radio
Listen to our podcast
Ok we out yo

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Zach said...

You used YOLO in 2008? Hmmm........

Devron Grant said...

Loved GFW and loved the now abandoned Out of the Game podcast. Your honesty about games was always appreciated. I remember the tough time you guys had talking about Hellgate: London. I hope that things are great at the new place!! Let's get one more Out of the Game podcast if time permits?? :-)

Sport said...

Never foget

CallMeSarge said...

That rap still gets stuck in my head from time to time all these years later...

Anonymous said...

Wow, this makes me weirdly nostalgic. Whatever happened to OOTG, Jeff?

Darius said...

Hahahaha! Yes!

Matt Zinkevicius said...

Just reading the first verse put a big smile on my face. Never found such a great podcast since. Thanks Jeff!

Jon said...

My life is complete...

HeavyMetalGamer said...

I miss GFW Radio, 1up is not the same without it.

Even though I am not a fan of rap, I find this to be badass.

John-Luke said...

Yolo is a county in California, he was probably commenting on them being on the only counties in 2008 to reject Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in the state.

Macroe said...

You know what this means!! A new recording to incorporate the original material, ASAP. You need to set history back in its right course.

Nomad said...

Hey Jeff do you still have that old blog post kicking around about writing? I rem it was right after GFW broke up, and you had netted your job at the EA, think you used Ripple by the Grateful Dead as its pen-ultimate moment?

Want to quote something you said it to a friend who's having some serious writers block lately :D