Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Kid Who Doesn't Give A Shit

Here's a short story.

The Kid Who Doesn't Give A Shit
By Jeff Green

Johnny Johnson just doesn't give a shit. He so doesn't give a shit, that he doesn't even give a shit that he doesn't give a shit. That's how badass he is. And he is fucking 5 years old. Does that bother you? Guess what? Johnny Johnson doesn't give a shit. See?

That's why all the adults in town love Johnny Johnson. Even the parents of the kids who Johnny Johnson beats up. They are glad, if you want to be completely honest about it. That's right, they say. Kick my kid's ass, Johnny Johnson. We trust you. He must deserve it, if you're doing it.

And Johnny Johnson just glares at the parents. For like a whole minute. Man, he finally says. You think I give a shit? And he shakes his head and walks right out of the goddamn room without saying another thing or looking back or anything. Like a goddamn glorious gladiator.

Man. That kid sure is cool one dad says.

He sure goddamn is says another.

Fist bump.



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