Monday, October 7, 2013

A Period of Transition

Hi! Jeff Green here! You might remember me from such jobs as Director of Social Media at PopCap Games! Actually, I still have that title. So nothing has changed, technically, at least in terms of what it says on my business card and paycheck. However, since my online activity has changed of late, and as my name keeps showing up in new places,  like right here, I do have a little 'splaining to do, just so we're all clear on stuff. Like, for the record.

So here's the deal:  I am currently "in transition," as it were, at PopCap, and am not their day-to-day social media guy anymore. And it's all good. Astute readers of this blog may recall a post I wrote in August in which I alluded to the fact that I was feeling restless and ready for more, bigger, better things, and that is happily now the position in which I find myself. PopCap and I are still pals, and they and EA are, as I said, still my employers. I am in what we call "a period of transition" and will be working in a more advisory behind-the-scenes role for a predetermined period of time. And again, it is all good. My time at PopCap has been an awesome one - the best job I've had since the CGW days. We will split - when I split - as friends.

But this post does serve as kind of an official announcement that I am now actively working on and looking for my next thing. What is that thing going to be? I have a few schemes in the works.  I don't know which one, if any currently being considered, is going to pan out. It may be with another company, it may be my own thing, it may be something in collaboration with one or more other folks, like the magazine kickstarter listed above. One thing is almost for sure, which is:  I'll be staying in the gaming industry or gaming media, yabbering about this stuff that I love, as I have for the past 17 years. Because it is what I love.

So there it is. You're gonna see more of me - and hopefully that's not entirely bad news - on this blog, in speaking engagements like this, on my brand new Twitch channel, as part of Kickstarter plans like the one linked to above, and other various forms of online activity, none of which, I solemnly promise, will involve nudity.

Where this is all going to lead me, I have no idea. But it is an exciting and liberating feeling. At least until the money runs out.

So, hey. I'm available.  Pass it around. I've got a good resume and I'm mostly housebroken.  Plus, I yodel on request. Who WOULDN'T hire me?