Sunday, May 3, 2009

Out of the Game podcast.

Having been seduced by the evilness of Twitter during my imposed "hibernation," I failed to acknowledge to the vast hordes of non-Twitterites that I had begun podcasting again.
I apologize.

In fact, you should know, if you care, that I am podcasting again. I have joined my fellow former GFW Radio pals Shawn Elliott and Robert Ashley, along with former Legendary Thread pal Luke Smith, and former Newsweek columnist pal N'Gai Croal, for a "non-gaming" podcast that, of course, ends up talking about gaming quite a bit. Since a few of us are now on the proverbial Other Side of the Fence, we are prohibited for professional reasons from discussing certain matters, but we decided not to let that get in the way of just blabbing amongst ourselves in general, with microphones equipped.

Is it interesting or funny or worth your time? I can't really say. I know that I love talking with these guys, all of whom I consider my friends and respect tremendously for their insight and humor.

We just recorded our fourth episode today, and I think it went well. I'll update this blog when it's live. Meanwhile, you can find the first three episodes (of which I was absent on #3) here. There are some sound issues in the first one (especially with my mic), but I think it gets better with the next ones.

Content-quality wise: give us time. :) GFW Radio took awhile to get its legs, too. So did Buffy! Recording a podcast with five of us all in different parts of the country is a challenge, as so much of what can make a podcast great is whatever is happening in the room at the time when all are present. But I think we're slowly figuring it out.

I do miss GFW Radio tremendously, like lots of folks. But I couldn't ask for a better group of guys to be doing this again with now.

Also! If you were considering going to the Penny Arcade Expo this coming September 4-6 in Seattle, be aware, if you hadn't heard already, that there is going to be a "GFW Reunion" live podcast, featuring Shawn, Sean Molloy, Ryan Scott, and myself. We'll be doing a podcast for awhile and then answering questions. Questions like, "who the fuck are you guys again?"

Happy Sunday y'all!


Master Devwi said...

You guys are doing a great job on the podcast. I miss GFW Radio too, but this is a pretty good replacement. My only request: please record more often! :)

Keep up the awesome work!

Ryan said...

Out of the Game is easily in my top 3 favorite podcasts period. It's organized yet free flowing, unpretentious yet thought provoking. "Systematic Chaos." I love it.

And I think the audio issues actually give it some character. Some of my favorite moments have come from you Jeff, admitting to talking to yourself for a few moments before you realized your mic came unplugged. Brilliant. I also get a huge kick out of the whole "no, you first," thing that results from the audio delay.

I have a lot of traveling to do tomorrow so the podcast better be out by then. That's a threat. :P

Jokerfisch said...

Wow good stuff, good stuff. What site will the GFW reunion podcast be on. Will it be on 1up or will it be on one of the many offshoots.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the podcast link, Green. I might listen to this later on.

It's a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon where I am - there's nothing like the melancholia feeling of a rainy Sunday afternoon, especially with a roast cooking in the oven. I'll probably have about three baths today, and maybe take a long nap at about 3:30.

Or I might just save this podcast for my exercises tomorrow evening. This is the perfect day for gaming, but for some unknown reason I don't feel like turning my computer on... there must be something wrong with me?

The Goose

Dan said...

I was going to yell at you before since I learned of this over a month after it had started, but what can we do? Thanks for telling us eventually.

Were you waiting for it to get better before you let us in on the news? Hope it goes well.


I love the Shawn Elliot and Friends podcast! ;)

Anonymous said...

finally! you should have told us from episode 1!

Javier said...

Luckily, I found out about OotG from Shawn Elliott's twitter, so I've been listening since the beginning again. It's not as great as GFW was, as you said, but it's getting there. The difference between episodes one and two is noticeable. I still listen to old GFWs everyday on my way to school since it's the only audio show besides Loveline that I've found has amazing replay value.

Travis said...

Hey Jeff, I love the new Podcast. I almost shat myself with joy when I first heard about it, well not really, but I was pretty happy all the same. GFW Radio was incredible and I think it's great to have the core group doing a podcast again. The format seems to be working well, too. I must admit, I like it better when you guys don't talk about games as much.

Anonymous said...

I can say that between Out of the Game and A Life Well Wasted and Rebel FM, I get everything I want. (I love you Ryan Scott, but I'm not into Burn Notice, comic books, and stuff, so while your show is done well, it's just not my world...)

(Why I felt the need to address Ryan on your blog, I dunno. Anyway!)

So, yeah...what's up?

Okay, enough terrible comment jokes. Quite seriously, I LOVE the Out of the Game podcast, and I love hearing you, Luke, and Shawn. And while of course, he's the same guy, it's great to hear N'gai be a little more casual than he perhaps did, when he was a rep of Newsweek. I find the show extremely interesting, and again, can't wait to hear Episode 4.

(Also, is it totally wrong (By the way, you can't say yes...just sayin') that I haven't deleted the GFW podcast feed from my iTunes feeds on the slim-to-none chance that it would be updated?)

Jeff Kramer said...

I'm pretty excited to listen to this podcast. You, Robert Ashley and Shawn Elliot were some of my favorite parts of GFW Radio, and the other guys on the crew are great too. As you and the rest of the podcast's crew left the industry, I faded out of it too (lack of time due to college). Looking forward to listening to your input on the "real world," as it were.

Jin said...

wich i could skip uni and fly down to pax to meet you guys but i got mid-terms…

also i was thinking how 'bout getting like a light to flash when you wanna talk or something? a visual aid might help the interruptions. and the red light with a smart host like shawn could just say like "blah blah blah…jeff you had something to say? n'gai? luke?" etc.

also out of the game is my fav podcast ever. wish it was more often but yea. ALWW and Listen up are the runner ups(jic u was wondering)

yoonas said...

Out of the game is currently my favorite podcast out there...and I'm subscribed to 24 podcasts. Great work :)

Bobby K said...

I'm enjoying the new podcast Jeff. I think its a great idea.

I hope you all do talk more and more about games and gaming in general but I'm sure its hard with most of you constrained of course from talking about your own products and probably other products from your employers. I imagine also that professional courtesy retrains you all from getting into game criticism the way you could when you were journalist.

Still I've missed all your voices from various podcast shows and am glad you all are together.

There is a topic I'd enjoy a discussion about in particular. I would like to hear you, Shawn and Luke discuss a what if. What if 1UP was as strong financially as IGN or Gamespot. What if CGW was still being published and as healthy as any magazine could be in this economy. Would the three of you have still chosen to leave games journalism for game development.

Maybe for Luke this what if wouldn't be as relevant since he left when 1UP seemed to be still thriving. Although maybe he saw the writing on the wall.

Still Luke, along with you and Shawn were great journalists and respected voices of gaming criticism. You all are all missed in that regard.

Anonymous said...

You guys have done great podcasts thus far (though Shawn tends to dominant conversation a bit). I still feel sad for the lack of Chuff at the reunion though... for shame.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat unrelated:

Your daughter should check out Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (if she hasn't already). Great vegan cookbook.

Laez said...

A little cup of awesome.

Oscar said...

The cast for the new podcast is brilliant. The two biggest personalities of old-school brodeo plus robert and luke is almost a dream team.

I just wish you could record more often.

Nelson K. said...

I can't wait to start downloading this. Thank you so much for returning. My ipod wasn't the same without you guys.

Mark said...

Does this mean we'll get more updates from you? :)

P.S. - What're you currently playing?

Nick said...

Jeff: I for one love the podcast. It is like hanging out with some really fun, irreverent, opinionated friends and shooting the shit. Well, except that I can't interject!

PS: I've not listened to the most recent podcast, but on the previous ones, your audio has been the worst. Get a headset like one of the other guys has!

Stephen said...

This is only a stepping stone until the new print gaming magazine comes out.


Michael said...

I am loving the podcast, it is definitely one of the best I listen to during the week at work(besides rebel and geekbox). I have missed you and Shawn being together on a podcast ever since you left GFW.. then Shawn left... and you know the rest obviously. It seems to me like a gaming-podcast-not-necessarily-about-gaming, and its great. Keep up the awesome work!

Robert said...

Don't get me wrong, I love out of the game, but Geekbox with Ryan Scott feels more like the old GFW radio. [no sticking to the track]

Jeff, you and Luke need to be on the GeekBox sometime. So you guys can talk more.

Kyle said...

I really enjoy the new podcast. Usually at least once or twice per episode the topics you guys bring up cause me to think about gaming or technology in new ways.

Anonymous said...

Two question : what do I put into my iTunes to get this thing injected right into my ears and why isn't it ALREADY into my Itunes?

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