Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well, I'm a bit rusty...

...but I was given the opportunity to indulge again in a little bit of that "games journalism" jazz with this piece right here for

This is part of a continuing series in which they are asking various game industry people "How They Play Games." I thought of approaching this piece many different ways, including a more serious essay on how my gaming meshes, and doesn't, as an adult, husband, and father....but then, well, I just decided to rant instead. Yay!

Hope ya like it--and go easy. Remember, I'm not a professional writer anymore. (the proof: I didn't get paid to do it!)


sprag80 said...

As a mature gamer, need I say more mature than you, Mr. Green, I wholly understand your message. Some folks, male youth, treat gaming, especially the online sort, like work and, in the process, drain the game of all the fun.

By the way, keep writing. To many of us, you'll always be first a writer and author. So don't go silent. We love your voice.

Ryan said...

Jeff, I miss your witty essays.

This made it even more so.

Will you ever form a site where you and the old staff submit articles and try to make money off the revenue and a Editor<3+ subscription?


garion333 said...

Yes Jeff, you do suck.

With all the love in the world,

-Random Dude on the Internet

Anonymous said...

well, for me, it's not about whether I suck or not, relative to the others there....

it's whether I am sucking less with time. Playing against yourself in this fashion is a double edged sword. Constant improvement means you get rewarded even while losing against others.... but it can lead to inordinate frustration when you start going backwards in skill.

Aren't games fun :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, you've gotten a bit rusty. Ah well, be glad you don't have to write for a living anymore!

Unknown said...

I liked it. Especially the part about where almost everybody nowadays takes games WAY too serious. Eff those muthaeffers!! Sorry about the bad English there.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the fact you didn't get paid that much more evidence you are a professional writer?

Corey Chaplan said...

Awesome beard. Your wife lets you keep that?

Anonymous said...

Ah, when I was reading that it was like all was right in the world again. As always Jeff, your stuff is awesome!

Anonymous said...

To be frank, I haved been purged of any urge to read your article because you put your article down before even letting anyone read it. Your apathy towards your own writing leaved me gruntled.

Anonymous said...

So I FINALLY got around to reading what you wrote for greenpixels, and it was actually really, really good, but the only problem was that, well, you used way too many commas, and I thought the overuse of the comma, was to be frank, quite distracting, because, consequently, it made your individual sentences, well, the length of a ken burn's special.

~ Moose

Unknown said...

Jeff, you are my hero. Also, I came to the startling realization the other day that my former boss looked very similar to you. Made me enjoy my job there even more. Thank you for keeping things real for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Mitch Tanner, why are you being so antagonistic towards Green?

Okay, I will agree that, yes, his over-use of the comma was, at times, distracting, and, well, just plain annoying, and that, yes, his sentences did 'ramble on a bit', like a Ken Burns' Special - but cut the guy some slack here, he's rusty (corroded, oxidized, tarnished). He said so himself.

(My guess here is that you're either Robert Coffey, Shawn Elliott, Ryan Scott, Darren Gladstone, Sean Malloy, or any one of a number of editors or writers who once worked for CGW/GFW while it was under the directorial guidance of Green. Or maybe you're just his wife?)

Also, why are you writing the word 'Moose' after your posts? Is that your nickname? Hey, muh brother, you and I have the exact same nickname. I'm Moose too. The Moose.

I'm also The Goose.

Yup, I've got two nicknames - that's how much people love me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you know what I was just thinking the other day when I was reading these comments: How come Christopher Bowley never visits this forum and leaves comments.

I would have thought that Bowley would've been a faithful follower of Greenspeak.

On a personal note, the day that Bowley commented on my photograph, saying that I resembled a 'sad clown face, sucking on a lemon' was maybe one of the saddest days of my life - I still haven't quite gotten over that. Who knows, maybe I never will. Scarred for life.

He cut me that time, Bowley did.

The Goose.

Anonymous said...

You had me at "hidden folder of jpegs"

Jeff Green said...

The profusive use of commas and long, rambling sentences is directly related to the book at the top of my Now Reading list. Yes, I blame Dostoevsky. I do the same thing when I'm reading Dickens' novels too.

John Rivett said...

So nice to see you do something tangible again Jeff... :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I can't stand Chuck Dickens.


Hey, what's all this about a 'hidden folder of jpgs'? A guy here at work has a folder on his desktop that's titled XXX (very clever). He stepped out of his 'office' one day (I use the word 'office' very loosely - there are shades of Less Nessman there), and left his computer running, so, in respect of his privacy, I raced over and opened his little XXX folder to see what was inside.

We all know by now what a MILF is... but do we all know what a GILF is?

The G doesn't stand for girlfriend, I'll tell you that much.

No, my friends, what that G stands for is the first letter of the name we give to an 'older relation' in the family.

Trust me, once you've seen this class of pornography, you don't ever forget it. Okay, I'm going to spell it out for you: imagine seeing your Grandmother having sex with Dennis Rodman, and him cumming all over her face. That is what I am talking about my friends.

That is what I am talking about.

The Goose.

Jeff Green said...

I'm not sure how you go from Dickens to GILF porn in one post, but, well, don't ever do it again.


Danny Perschonok said...

You really hit the nail on the head Jeff. If there is one thing that I have a problem with in WoW is how serious everyone takes it. It's a game, we are supposed to have fun with it right? People need to calm down and remember that this is supposed to be entertaining not a second job.

Anonymous said...

But what does turn me off, and has all but forced me to quit online gaming, is the insane degree of seriousness to which some of my gaming brethren take this supposedly fun hobby of ours. It's a rare day indeed if you can ever get onto an Xbox Live multiplayer match, or online PC game like Team Fortress 2 without things devolving into genuinely mean-spirited arguing, name-calling, and warbled threats to "find you in real life and kick your ass" -- and this is usually between people on the same team. Even World of Warcraft, which, a game that for most players is more about cooperation than competitiveness, finds chat channels constantly filled with hostile and immature behavior that you just have to hope is coming from people closer to 13 years old rather than 40 -- but you really never know.

hehe this whole section right here is basically recycled from a GFW podcast :-p, one of my favorite moments mind you.

Mike Barrett said...

The article was a great read! It reminded me of how much I miss the monthly greenspeak column though. You should put together an archive of all your old columns, you know, for our benefit.

And Jeff didn't you throw a controller across the room during a relaxing session with Mirror's Edge?

Dogooder said...

I was going to read your review but I couldn't find the score.

Dtrescott said...

Great article. :)

tomsamson said...

very nice article :)
A few years back when i had more sparetime i was way more competitve while playing games. Meanwhile i don´t have that much sparetime anymore (now that you´re in the game development side you know why ;) ) and meanwhile i´m still happy when i beat someones score or can can compare my achievments with those of friends but that´s really about it. I find it really weird when someone gets so "passioate" during an online game that he threatens or insults one for a while, really something wrong there.
Nice way to get around that by just saying: "yeah, i suck at games" :)
I´ll try that now,too :)

Anonymous said...

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