Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Attention stalkers! PAX schedule updated!

In about 13 hours I will be getting on a plane for Seattle, Washington in order to attend the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime convention. I like PAX. I am happy to be going. I am especially happy to be going this year as a "free agent," unencumbered with any actual work to do, which means I basically get to be a "fan" like everyone else, and look at and play games as I like. It's practically a vacation. Well, it would be a vacation if I had a job. But since I don't, I guess it's just....more days without work.

Huh. That's kinda depressing.

Err...anyway! Yeah. I just wanted to update my schedule here for friends, stalkers, and the like, in light of the Brodeo reunion cancellation (*sadface*). I'm showing up on a couple other panels now instead, so if you simply can't get enough of me (and, hey, I don't blame you! I can't get enough of me either!) I am providing you with this handy reference sheet. Please feel free to share this, post on bathroom walls, whatever. My bodyguards will keep you rabble away anyway.

Here's the new schedule:

Friday, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM, Pegasus Theatre
1UP Alumni Impromptu Reunion
We spend a good deal of time sitting around drinking and remembering the good old days of 1UP (you know, way back in the mid-'00s?). A last minute cancellation opened up an hour in the panel schedule and we're ready to fill it...with beer and good times. We're inviting all of PAX to join us for a loving walk down memory lane. Cheers!
Panelists include: Jane Pinckard, Che Chou, Ryan O'Donnell, Andrew Pfister, Patrick Klepek, Karen Chu, Jeff Green, Garnett Lee, Cesar Quintero, Jason Bertrand, and maybe more!

Friday, 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM, Pegasus Theatre
Giant Bombcast Live!

I'll be joining the Bombcast dewds at *some* point for a special lil' segment along with my old pal Gary Whitta and one other GAMING INDUSTRY LUMINARY. This will either be great or a fucking nightmare.

Err, I guess the rest of my schedule hasn't changed. There's this one:

Saturday, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Serpent Theatre
Twittering for the Man: Social Media & Game Publishers

Community managers have long been an asset to game developers -- but spokesgeeks for publishers? That's a fairly new one. Some of the biggest publishers are building direct lines of communication to their biggest fans and harshest critics, so GamePro�s editor-in-chief John Davison will ask some of the most well-known architects -- Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Activision's Dan "OneOfSwords" Amrich, EA's Jeff "Greenspeak" Green, and Sony's Jeff "JeffPS" Rubenstein -- to explain their unusual roles, carefully balanced between the fans and The Man. How much freedom do they have under a corporate umbrella? How much are they making it up as they go along? And how come none of them seem to do their jobs the same way? Their answers will Twitter your Facebook off. Or something.
Panelists include: Larry Hryb [Director of Programming for Xbox Live, Microsoft], Dan Amrich [Social Media Manager, Activision], Jeff Rubenstein [Social Media Manager, SCEA], Jeff Green [Editor-in-Chief,, Electronic Arts], John Davison [Editor-in-Chief, GamePro]

And this one!

Sunday, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM, Serpent Theatre
Rookie Years: Stories from First Projects

How did you get that gig and what happens after you've landed your dream job? Julian Murdoch (Gamer's with Job's podcast) uncovers the stories of four new developers and their first projects. Developers including Jeff Green (Electronic Arts) and David Heron (Hothead) reveal their shared experiences, misconceptions, successes and failures. Audience questions will be answered.
Panelists include: David Heron [Game Designer, Hothead Games], Julian Murdoch [Founder, Gamer's with Jobs], Jeff Green [Electronic Arts]

Both should be LOLtastic.

See ya there, nerds!



Shobo said...

Good to see you blogging again, Jeff. Wish I could attend PAX, unfortunately I'm on the wrong continent.

That said, I'm looking forward to the 1UP Reunion.

Sully said...

Dear Jeff,

As a stalker of yours (do not worry - I am one of those harmless kinds of stalkers - the ones so lazy that all they will ever do is google your name once in a while and possibly leave a comment on your blog and await every podcast you are on with anticipation) I am delighted you are getting so much overplay. I love it. And I was, like others, very disappointed and heartbroken by the cancellation of the Brodeo Reunion, but, again like others, I understand. Speaking as someone who still regularly listens to reruns of the old GFW/CGW (the way I might savor reruns of the Twilight Zone, for example), I have to say, the late inclusion of Robery Ashley and Anthony Gallegos was a very interesting and charming development. I think possibly the most interesting thing about the podcast was how willing people were to offer up stuff, and how willing the other people were to ask them to talk about those things in more detail. It seemed to me that the podcast was made up of interesting folks who were also very interested in what each other had to say, which created this ultimate alchemy, which is why even now, years fucking later, we are all still obsessed with the Brodeo. It was funny and brave and curious.

Okay, and to end, I am going to post this Youtube video of this astonishing dog who is dancing the merengue with her master for three minutes on her hind legs, green skirt flaring, and a constant smile on her face pulling off the most amazing of moves. Now, I am not a fan, unlike Shawn Elliott, of Youtube videos, but when, reluctantly, I was shown this, I realized it was something special. I leave this here for you Jeff. Thanks for everything.

Joonas said...

God I hope at least 2 of these panels will be recorded and then made available either via iTunes or on ... well...any site.

Anonymous said...

So Jeff, after PAX will you post links to all the podcasts and panel segments?

Also do you know if some of the panels are being streamed live to a website?

David said...

Is there a place where we can download the audio for the 1up meetup and the first projects panels? I'd love to hear them but I don't know that they will be posted on any of the podcasts I'm subscribed to.

Also, I saw a picture of you on 1up where you were wearing a velociraptor on an old time bicycle shirt. I have the same shirt and I was shocked to see you wearing it. High five for that. And for

F8X said...

Listing to the bombcast and hearing your voice was great! I hope to see you writing more now that you left EA.

Kamasama said...

Other than the Bombcast, were any of these recorded? I enjoyed your brief appearance on the Bombcast panel, and you should link that and any others that were recorded. Not all of us can attend PAX or all of the panels.

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Anonymous said...

Hellooooo!!! Mr Green, this is your blog calling... please come back! IT'S LONELY HERE! You once loved me... now it's ONLY that 140 bitch Twitter!

Anonymous said...

besides... you left me with a bunch of NO-GOOD SPAMMERS!!! How many Nike shoes can anybody need?! COME ON JEFF!

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