Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am behind.

On, like, everything. I haven't seen this week's House yet. I'm three episodes behind on Mad Men. I haven't started Dead Space. I can't level up in Warhammer cuz the damn game keeps crashing to desktop. I'm late for the Microsoft XNA party I'd promise I'd attend tonight. And I skipped exercising like the last 4 times in a row I told myself I would. And yet.... I'm not working nearly as hard as everyone else on the team I am on now at EA, who I have not seen go home for dinner with their families even once in the week I have now been here. Last night there was an email sent announcing that "pizza had arrived" 11:40 pm. This is a hard-workin' team. What the hell am I doing on it??

In happier news, I'd like you all to know that Joe The Plumber, aka Samuel Wurzelbacher, has hired a publicist with the plan to....record a country music album. One would assume he'll probably record under the moniker "Joe the Plumber," because "Samuel Wurzelbacher" just doesn't have the greatest country music vibe to it. Country fans will just think he sounds Jewish and get all scared.

Anyhoo, over at Quarter to Three today I made a suggestion for the title of his first single, but wanted to share it here in case anyone else takes credit first. Joe, please feel free to use this:

"Your Pipes May Be Cloggy (But Your Heart Is Mine)"

You're welcome!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jeff,

Post on GAF more we miss you.


Brodeo Fans

Unknown said...

What, no custom title at Quarter To Three? Don't they know who Jeff Green is over there?

Maybe you should have use the name THE Jeff Green. Then it would be clear that you're not just A Jeff Green, but, in fact, THE Jeff Green.

Jeff Green said...

I love GAF! I'll be back. I needed to kinda get the Ziff cobwebs out of my head for awhile (which I mean no offense by--I just had to switch gears)...but I'm ready to be "public" again. :)

Anonymous said...

Jeff, you need to be even more behind. You need to play Fallout 3 now too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like your team is on my homework schedule. I look forward to seeing what they're working on.

Anonymous said...

house was incredible jeffy G!
you definietly need to catch up before the next, because it will be all about dealing with the repercussions of the last ep.

i bought ra ra riot a week ago on iTunes. very nice

Anonymous said...

Or how about "Your Pipes May be Clogged (But Our Love Flows Free)"


Anonymous said...

GAF definitely misses the Black Dragon. Hell, I'm pretty sure you're like the only industry guy to never be hated on by anyone in the notoriously snarky GAF community!

Anonymous said...

Or how aobut "Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher, who works as a plummer?" Honestly, I can name about ten people I've met in my life who went by their middle name. It's not suspicious.

I find it incredibly sad the way this private citizen has been attacked because he dared ask a question to the beloved candidate whom showed up in /his/ neighborhood. Honestly, good for him for taking advantage of the situation.

I've been disgusted at the sexist treatment of Hillary and Palin, the ridiculous Arab/Islam remarks made at Obama, and the old jokes made at McCain during this whole election. But, really, all the media going after this guy has seriously crossed a line.

When did this election become about middle names, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Oh joy, maybe now Joe the Plumber and Larry the Cable Guy can NOT be funny, relevant or interesting together.

Rhody said...

Apparently being a metaphor makes you a good musician.

Anonymous said...

So, being a family man, how do you deal with the pressure of your work where it is normal to say to midnight and beyond?

I hardly think that's a fair burden.

Anonymous said...

...and by say I meant "stay"

Anonymous said...

please come back to guest star on 1up's new, unnamed pc podcast... ryan sucks... we miss you

Patrick said...

Yuck. Joe the Plumber? More like Joe the Plebeian! Oh, hoh! You can send your charity donations to me without guilt or remorse, @

Derek said...

Hey Jeff, I was wondering if you've caught Ryan Scott's new podcast with his band of Ryanettes (I love that term.)? I'll admit it's a little weird without you or Shawn, but they're definitely doing great. It hasn't gotten a name yet, so it's nameless PC Project podcast now.

Also House was awesome, the main case was interesting and out of House norm. Nothing beats Taub and Thirteen buying cocaine and busting in to house. All and all though it was a very Cuddy centric episode and the ending, though possibly expected, was shocking.

Anywho, maybe it's good that you're behind on many things, focus on the more important things (though maybe missing out on a few exercises is stretching it :p), then when all of that is the "norm," fit the rest in to your schedule when you can.

Good luck G!

Anonymous said...

Man, I know what's that like. I took up a editorial postion on my college paper, and damn if I don't have a single minute of free time. I probably shouldn't even typing this right.

Oh yeah, post on gaf more. It needs more Dragon.

-Mr.City aka Cory

Unknown said...

Jeff Green posting makes me a happy camper, even after today's 2 mid-terms back to back. Calculus sucks.

I hope to hear your opinions about Fallout 3, and the resolution (although, it's more likely the lack thereof) of your long standing "feud" with the No Mutant Allowed dorks.

Tydigame said...

I don't think I have ever come in as early at 18th in the comment list. Aren't you worried they're going to start resenting you? If they offer you chocolate cake, don't take it. There is ex-lax baked into it.

Anonymous said...

Better title:

"You're Addicted (to Crack)"

Ryan said...

Wow you have already seen a project get canned and the realities of crunch, welcome to game development! Nice taste of it for such a short time.

Anonymous said...


If that email didn't put the fear of jesus into you...

Grubber said...

Seriously Jeff, Fallout 3 on Steam beckons you. Before you leave for work, start the download. When you return the wasteland awaits you.

Anonymous said...

As a lazy European I feel compelled to say don't work too hard! :)

Unknown said...

When I worked at Three-Sixty Pacific, that was how the job worked... you spent most of your life at the office, but you wanted to because it was fun... well, at least the people were fun and Tom Frisina was stuck in California, so we didn't have to be around him. :)

However, I wasn't married and didn't have kids then... couldn't imagine trying to have that kind of job today.

Unknown said...

I love that Brian Eno song (in your header). Theres a band, Palomar, that has a great cover on their second or third album - I can't remember.

Anonymous said...

Weren't there strikes and riots and violence and suffering some 100 plus years ago to ensure fair wages and a reasonable 40 hour work week? Didn't people once fight tooth and nail to end unfair labor practices?
Tough to fight against such things nowadays with long lines of young folk fully willing and happy to work industrial revolution-type hours.
Just saying....

Anonymous said...

I've noticed it seems you've given up on Heroes from your lack of mentioning it in your blog anymore. I envy your mental strength to tear yourself away from that show. For me its like a sad relationship with a dying patient. They'll get better! They just have to! Don't they?!

LiK said...

Jeff, play Dead Space soon. it's fantastic!

Dtrescott said...

You may not be working the long hours now, though I imagine in 3-6 months you'll be in those same trenches working those same hours. Bright future eh.. :)

Anonymous said...

"Country fans will just think he sounds Jewish and get all scared."

probably lol

Anonymous said...

Jeff, hope you won't be effected by EA's massive layoffs

Jeff Green said...

I'm still employed. :)

Pete Cullen said...

Very glad to hear your job is safe Jeff!

Anonymous said...

Just remember: When life gives you a broken bridge, make bridgemonade.

Peter Fall said...

hey Jeff, don't get too worried about not staying late at the office-it's good that you spend time with your family!

I've heard much word of this Mad Men you speak of. I can't wait to see what it's like. I know you like comics and you've more than likely already read it, but if not, i highly recommend Watchmen. it is the best graphic novel ever written. i think you'd like it.

Can't wait to hear more about EA!

Blogmike said...

"I'm not working nearly as hard as everyone else on the team I am on now at EA, who I have not seen go home for dinner with their families even once in the week I have now been here"

Jeff, in these tough economic times, may I recommend: blog less, play games less, WORK MORE! Keep yr eye on the prize... :-)

b said...

Hey Dad,

What are your thoughts on this move by EA?


b said...

Here's the link Dad..

Slapshot said...

I agree with Peter Fall. Don't worry about not staying as late as the other guys. I've always told prospective employers that life/work balance and spending time with my kids is very important to me. My Dad wasn't around as much as he wanted to be and I didn't want to be that kind father.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, do you have any favourite Kraftwerk songs?

The Mrs. and I saw them in concert a couple of years ago and they were super awesome. I think they might have moved a collective 35 inches during the entire performance, but there was a super nifty light show and they wore some uber spandex.

My favourite Kraftwerk song - The Model. Especially in its native German. Also Pocket Calculator.

Anonymous said...

P.s., I hope you'll post your thoughts on Dead Space. I've only played an hour but I think it's a big letdown. It suffers from terminal consolitis - feels very Xbox and not very PC.

P.p.s., Happy Halloweenie!

Rhody said...

b: That was just some forum mod being lame.

Jeff Green said...

It's not that I'm not working as hard as them because I'm lazy---it's because they are all crunching on the game in a way that I can't really help. I'm playing it hardcore and attending meetings to help tune stuff, but what they are doing---fixing bugs--is not something I can do yet. So....I'm not slacking--I'm just contributing as much as I can, which doesn't really necessitate me being there as late as they've been. So far. When it does become useful for me to stay late, I will. Not all the time. But whenever it makes sense for the team...

Jordan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jordan said...

Glad to here you were unaffected by the layoffs!

Jordan said...

Are you going to the 1UP Halloween party or going to be with the fam? Happy Halloween

TheToiletDuck said...

Hey, at least you're not pregnant.

Anonymous said...

You can try deleting the USER file in the warhammer folder. Seems to fix everything from CTD, to UI bugs, to log in issues...

I don't know

Potato salad.

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