Monday, November 17, 2008

On the other hand...

without the 1970s, we wouldn't have Starsky and Hutch, which then means we wouldn't have this fantastic routine by Bill Bailey. (And thanks to my pal Eric in Spain for introducing me to Mr. Bailey):


Grubber said...

As someone who was not alive during the 1970's, I do not believe that "the seventies" existed.

Hippies? Peace? Love?

What do you take me for, a buffoon?

Orgun said...

Oh wow thats an old Bill Bailey video...he had long hair! :) Big fan of Bailey, you should look up the Bill Bailey: Part Troll DVD. One of his best stand up shows in my opinion.

darvoid said...

Jeff, thanks again for putting me in a laughing mood.

Joril said...

My first encounter with Bailey was in "Black Books", maybe you've heard of that jolly black humour sitcom.
Ah, with "encounter" I mean: me watching the television.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised anyone in America has heard of Bill Bailey, let alone find him funny; he seems like the kind of comedian only a British person could "get". In as much as, if you were raised in this country, you understand his empathy for life.

JSD said...

Hey Jeff,

How was Quantum of Solace? I was blown away by Casino Royale, the last movie I saw in a theater (I have two small kids...), and was considering this as my wife and my next movie date.

Also, I just want to thank you and the GFW podcast crew for turning me on to The Wire. Absolutely the best TV show I've ever seen. It's just amazing. I'm in the middle of S1, and have added all the other seasons to my Netflix queue. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Is that Ron Jeremy?

WickedCobra03 said...

I think I would have enjoyed the 1970's...well maybe more 60's but same thing. I mean the TV, I love the TV, some of the cars that came out of the late 60's and early 70's are some of the best. Rock and Roll was now huge! Oh yeah, and we would have never had legends like seals & crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Chicago and other smooth classic rock that as a 20 odd year old love even though I was more of an 80's kid...

Rhythm said...

Crikey that's an old routine :-D

I saw Bill live a few times in the mid-90's, when he was still concentrating on his musical analysis-skits. My favourite is still Insect Nation by far:

WickedCobra03 said...

Oh yeah, and Rocky would have never been! That would have certainly been a tragedy. And I am not even going to start on what this world would be if the godfather parts i and ii didn't exist!!!

I am pretty sure we are keeping the 70's Jeff!

Unknown said...

Oh Jeff Green I couldn't agree with you more on Quantum of Solace terrible story bad action scenes yet I would like a to see another movie with Craig as Bond he does ooze awesome. Hopefully they fix the movie cause honestly at this point I would (as much as it hurts me to say it) rather see Damon in another Bourne movie. As for the 70s I wasn't even a man seed at the time.

Anonymous said...

Bill Bailey is God. Fact.

Stephen said...

Oh! BILL Bailey....I was thinking Beetle Bailey. That's how old I am.

Nomad said...

And without the 70's we wouldn't have a whole slew of awesome albums from great artists of the 60's.

Teanaholic said...

Jeff Green is so ooooooold.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Bill Bailey Rocks! Part Troll and Bewilderness are both very good - check out the sirens sketch he does as well. Very clever!

Peter Saumur said...

Pulu see bagumba = free the prisoners.

I admit I had to Google it but it's funny to see an innocuous Gilligan's Island reference.

Xan said...

Bill Bailey is awesome, I saw him live last month.

Brain Blurbs said...

sorry to spam a bit :P

there you go, another Ziff Davis mag down...glad you landed well!!

Tydigame said...


Anonymous said...

In that clip, Bailey looked like Gowron from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

halojones-fan said...

Hey Jeff--what are your thoughts on the BART extension to San Jose?

Anonymous said...

Holy hemorrhaging shit!

He's that "Nobody tells me nuthin'" cop from Hot Fuzz!

Anonymous said...

Jeff look up a old TV show from the UK called Black Books.

Anonymous said...

Guitars make noises! I get it! HAHAHAHAHA!

John Rivett said...

So Jeff,

PC Mag is going "all digital".. Over/under on how long Ziff has to live?

Anonymous said...


tell me you've seen black books. if not, get on amazon. all i need to say is "bill bailey + dylan moran." you should be sold now.

Adam Frazier said...

Bill Bailey is exceptionally funny in the series "Spaced" - he runs a comic book shop, very nerdy and very funny - you should definitely check it out if you haven't already, Jeff!

Anonymous said...

You've been eating the same food for days. I'm all for leftovers, but you're taking it kinda far....

Anonymous said...

where are you Jeff?

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