Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shawn Elliott

So, by now, readers and listeners of GFW Radio and other assorted remnants of humanity have heard the big news: Shawn Elliott is leaving to go work with Ken Levine over at 2K Boston. To which we here at Greenspeak Central have one important, official comment: Right the fuck on! Ken Levine is a hilarious, genius god of game design...and since Shawn Elliott is a hilarious, genius god of a journalist, well, this is truly a partnership of titans. Those (rightly) bemoaning the loss of Shawn's voice on the podcast and website should buck up knowing that there is NO question--none--that Shawn's influence will be bright and strong over at 2K Boston.

Because here's the thing about Shawn Elliott: He makes everyone around him do better work.

My experience working with Shawn for years was not unlike the experience that readers/listeners get when encountering him: I never knew what I would get on a day-to-day basis. Was it going to be hilarious, goofball, cut-up Shawn, the immature prankster who made me eat gross candy? Or was it going to be thoughtful, analytical, almost stubbornly honest Shawn who *demanded* higher quality and harder work out of everyone he worked with? The truth is--usually it was both, often within minutes or seconds of each other. You heard that dichotomy every week on our podcast. He was both class clown and most serious guy in the room.

Recently, he got annoyed at the notion that I had taken over the role of Sean Molloy as the one to "keep Shawn on track", and I agreed with him that he was right to be annoyed. I mean, yes, he definitely could talk, and sometimes, yes, I would try to do the host thing of saying, "Okay, in other news...."---but more often than not, Shawn was ALSO the guy who had specific agendas for the podcast. HE was the one who would come down saying, "Let's not forget to talk about Far Cry 2 this week." Or: "Could you assholes play some PC games this week please, so I'm not the only one talking about them again?" He cared *deeply* about the quality of GFW Radio every single week, and would get annoyed or frustrated if he felt it wasn't going well. I cared a lot, too, of course! This was my baby, too, and Sean Molloy's and Ryan's too. But, as I've mentioned before, I had more of a laid-back, "let's just see what happens" approach, which served us well MOST of the time, but could backfire on weeks when we weren't really on our game. And Shawn rightly felt like some structure, some specific topics, were in order on some weeks, rather than my hippiesque, lazy desire to just bullshit. Again, the point is: He made us try harder, he made us work harder, his commitment to quality never flagged, not once, ever, in all the time I've known him.

And let's not forget he is a writer, too. My first contact with Shawn was when he did a couple freelance articles for CGW after EGM laid him off a few years ago. When I read these first articles, I couldn't believe it. Here was a guy who could write about games in a way that made you really think, who never approached a lead paragraph the way anyone else would, who clearly thought a LOT about what he was going to say before he ever started typing. Sometimes you'd go into a Shawn article thinking, "What the heck is he getting at here?" at first--only to realize a few sentences or paragraphs in that he knew exactly what he was doing, and that he is making you think about something relatively unimportant in life---a first-person shooter, for example--with the kind of insight normally reserved for "higher" works of art. And, of course, they deserve this kind of analysis. It's just that almost no one in this entire industry ever does it. This is why Shawn Elliott was so important, and so influential, and so loved by so many people, including me, in the gaming industry.

And let's not forget prankster Shawn--not that any of us ever could. I don't need to do a Chris Farley Show thing here of recounting his best moments and saying how awesome they were. You can Google or YouTube some of them. But I will say that I can't tell you the number of times those of us in the room with him (most recently on last week's 1up FM) had to literally take off our headsets and stifle ourselves because we were laughing so hard at what he was saying. Some folks didn't appreciate or objected to his "Ralphie" griefing stories/videos, but what I personally loved about them--and what I knew was his point of those all along--was the way in which he exposed the *real* griefers online--the bullies, bigots, and jerks who would come out of the woodwork to dogpile on him because they (wrongly) perceived him to be someone they could pick on. It was, quite often, a subversive work of genius. Sometimes, yeah, it was immature and ridiculous, too. But again, that's Shawn. And I'll take an erratic genius, sometimes teetering on the brink between genius and stupidity, over yet another bland, ineffective, unthinking, unchallenging, untalented "web journalist" any fuggin' day of the week.

Like me, and Sean Molloy, and Ryan, Shawn was devasted by the loss of our magazine. The four of us had achieved a perfect bond of creativity and diverse talent, working with each other to bring out the best in each other, to let each of us play to our strengths to make a product we felt extremely proud of. The fact that Ziff Davis kept us all on, rather than laying us off, when the magazine close really spoke volumes. Companies don't normally do this--keep an editorial staff around when the mag itself has been totally shut down. So, ya know, it beat being out of work. But it wasn't the same for us, even with the weekly podcast to bring us back in the same room together. And the impact of this loss kept persisting. Sean is at Blizzard now, I'm at EA, and Shawn is at 2K Boston....and hopefully all of us will find ourselves once again in creative dream teams like the one we shared together at And Ryan Scott? Watch for this guy to take over everything one day. Both at Ziff and maybe the world. That is my dream for him, and my challenge to him.

But this post is about Shawn. A brilliant guy, a fearless guy, a guy who never let me off the hook for anything and for which I was grateful every single day. A ringleader of clowns (there's no Max Chill or Chuff without Shawn to bring them into the fold). A beacon of intelligence in an industry rampant with idiocy. Shawn has always been destined for greater things, and this is proof of this. So we can all mourn the loss of his voice in the public arena for now, because it is a one-of-a-kind, hilarious and insightful voice. But, more important, let's be happy for the man himself, who is getting a rare opportunity in life to work directly with a smart, important designer also at the top of his game right now. Because this kind of partnership means--even if we don't get to see the results right away--that we all win.

Good luck, Shawn. You've earned this. And should there be an opportunity for Brodeo 2, or any other opportunity to mix it up with you ever again, let me know. Because I am all in.



Steven said...

Amen Jeff!

Shawn really is a great writer and produced work far more complex and intriguing than anything else I have ever read on any other site/blog!

He is also hilarious, his griefing exploits had me laughing out loud all the time!

Nyllo said...

I loved Shawn (not in a gay way) because he would literally find the weirdest crap on the internet and portray it on the podcast. He was a fantastic writer, and I will miss the podcast, partly because it does something no other podcast does and convey a sense that the people in the room are doing the show because they love what they do, and that's what GFW Radio was all about!

Maybe you could do a podcast over skype? That could take off.

The Fraze said...

You and Shawn Elliott have both inspired me as a writer, a critic and an analytical thinker. I truly feel that Gaming Journalism or enthusiast press or whatever you want to call it just took a major shot in the jaw by losing you and Shawn.

You guys were the reason I ever picked up EGM or GFW and listened faithfully to the podcasts. But what the readership has lost in well-written features and reviews, the gaming industry has gained in two guys with keen eyes and sharp minds for what makes a good game.

I have total confidence that whatever Shawn (and yourself) are working on in the future will be better for having you guys involved. Best of luck to you both!

Though I've got this imagine in my brain, of what will happen to all the free candy that could possibly already be in transit. I imagine Ryan eating all of it and somehow gaining a pound or two... nah, that'll never happen.

JB said...

I'd be sad right now but I'm eating a giant fucking pork chop. Hard to feel down with such deliciousness in front of me.

I loved Shawn as well. And I am gay and would totally suck his dick. Him and Jeff almost made me want to become a writer. Then I came to my senses and realized I hate writing. Good luck Shawn.

kyrieee said...

This is like something out of a funeral

Shawn was great. I hope he doesn't completely disappear from the public eye.

But seriously, what are we PC gamers going to read now? IGN?...?? Sorry, but you guys raised the bar, I'm not really interested in what anyone else has to say

bigD said...

Just wanted to say thanks to you and Shawn (and everyone else) for making the best fucking podcast ever. I guess now I'll actually have to be productive at work instead of laughing my ass of with you guys.

Crushed said...

I loved Shawn's "Heroes of the Web" and griefing. But after reading this, what I really admire is that he can switch gears between off-the-wall humor and serious insight to keep people both laughing and thinking.

But I do hope that BioShock 2 has an audio diary recorded by a certain "Ralphie."

Andy said...

Everybody should be so lucky to have a boss like you. It's the sad end of an era, but I'm glad the GFW crew has been getting such great opportunities. Ryan Scott's big day is just around the corner, I can feel it.

andy said...

While you're talking about Brodeo 2, consider CGW2! I'll give you money. It doesn't have to be large. Just Greenspeak, a couple of articles by former editors, and throw in an occasional Tom vs. Bruce while you're at it! No formatting required. I'll use my imagination. :)

B Smith said...

As I mentioned on Shawn's blog, (in the midst of 300-400 other people who cared enough to comment), we'd better see some fantastic games come out of 2K Boston if him going there means making so many people sad about losing him on the podcast. I have a feeling though that it won't be a problem because as was said in your post, he sees and understands video games on a deeper level than most people care to attempt and he's one hell of an interesting guy.

(The same goes for you, Mr. Green... I'm expecting some damn good Sims games!)

Anonymous said...

Great post. I've always thought Shawn was that rarest of rare person who could have a conversation on any intellectual level. Shawn's comments on the Brodeo had me thinking more than anyone else's had whether it's trying to find additional support or rebuttals, and I appreciated that deeply. You and Shawn have shown me that great writing and a willing mind is the soul of any kind of journalism, games or not.
I hope you and Shawn are pleased to see this is your legacy.

Kevin said...

I know that I will miss Shawn quite a bit. Both for his hilarious stories, and for talking about Company of Heroes so much that he forced to me buy and play it. Thanks for that Shawn!

My favorite story I've heard him tell was when Ralphie would find himself in a game with a girl, and all the stupid guys would start ripping on him, then Ralphie would gain the sympathies of the lady player and turn her against the rest of the room. I was crying my eyes out I was laughing so hard at work.

Again, Shawn rules, I'll miss him. Good Luck!

P.S. Jeff, great post. I think you said a lot about Shawn that frequently gets overlooked. He's absolutely a talent, even in his madness.

Michael Adamek said...

Woa...Brodeo 2 would be amazing. Give it a few months and then have a meeting of the minds. 2K, EA, and Blizzard reps in the three of you gents! I'm just throwing that out there...

Anonymous said...

While obviously I am chuffed for Shawn and his new position, I can't help be a bit bummed out by the now final death of the Brodeo. It was a highlight of my week and the Thursday morning commute was so much more enjoyable with the inane ramblings of the GFW gang echoing around my eardrums. My sadness is entirely selfish of course, had I my way, the magazine would still be running and it - and the podcast - would come out daily.

It's great that the both of you are going into game development roles. Hopefully Shawn will make Bioshock 2 just that bit more special with his input. The final build better have a methed up splicer who cuts a whole in his floor or there'll be stern words said.

It's a shame it took the death of a magazine to get you guys into these positions, but that's just the way life goes, eh wot wot? Now, you guys better use your new development contacts to get Anthony and Ryan out of the dog pound. We need a Yaddle expansion for The Sims quick sharpish!

How many simoleons for a crate of Yaddle-milk? Well, now you have your first day, first question sorted out.

Brian said...

What made GFW radio such an amazing podcast was that you guys didn't take yourselves, or gaming, too seriously. When you critiqued games, or enthusiastically discussed upcoming releases you'd been playing, you never tried to pretentiously establish your pedigree as gamer, or descend into totally credulous fanboy-ism. This is what i'll miss the most, there's no other gaming coverage, podcast or otherwise, that I've seen on 1up or elsewhere that was so down to earth. Shawn's constant send-ups of how uptight and ridiculous gamers and games journalists have become was always refreshing and hilarious.

It's unfortunate that most of the people still podcasting are the same people that have been claiming PC gaming is dead, every year for the last 10 years :(

Dennis G. said...

Hear hear.

The whole situation regarding the 'loss' of GFW and most everyone involved, has affected more than I expected. There's honestly a pit in my stomach, and I really don't know what will fill it.

That said though, I wish you guys all the best in your future endeavors.

Robert said...

First a huge hunk of reason to ever be at 1up disappeared, then the only bit of doubt about me leaving that place takes off as well! What saddens me the most, and a great loss it is, GFW. None at all. No other time had it felt more true, the saying that All things comes to An end.

But every word you speak, Jeff, are words of truth. I couldn't agree more, for all I know.
You both bring genius to where you go, and these collaborations that have now surfaced are indeed ones that excites me greatly.

Jordan said...

I totally agree with the analogy of Chris Farley. I wrote a similar response comparing the folks that have left 1UP and of course you were included, Jeff Green. (I forgot to mention Mark and for some reason includued a Shawn B when I ment Sean M.) The PM to Shawn likened you guys to famous SNL cast members that graduated to greater things (Chevy Chase, Eddie, Adam, Mike Myers etc...)

You guys are truly amazing. *So* much talent, creativity, smarts, wit, drive, and Chuff!
You guys have created something so great in The podcast.

You guys will move on and spread the greatness everywhere. Chuff, chuff, chuff...

scott said...

I sent Shawn a 1up message regarding this, I'll post similar sentiments here: you guys could pretty easily do a weekly skype-based hour-long podcast, schedules permitting. And as someone whose monthly reading got a lot less thought-provoking with the demise of GFW Magazine and now whose weekly drives got a lot more boring with the loss of GFW Radio, you guys absolutely need to continue doing SOMETHING with your entertainment abilities. It'll be a huge loss if you just retreat back into your cushy "actual" "jobs".

I'd volunteer to help in any way I could to make it happen, and I'm sure other talented fans would too.

Fikus said...

Well I keep saying this but, Congratulations you guys. I am very happy for you and excited to see what changes in gaming you all can come up with.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad about losing GFW Radio but I think it is important for you all to achieve greatness.

I still miss GFW Mag and to be honest EGM does not live up to what you all had going, but I digress.

Good luck to all.....

And Jeff... we need a cook book for all your dinners :)

lowlight said...

All that's going to be left of 1Up are shitty "Top 5" articles written by freelancers.

halojones-fan said...

Well, on your farewell GFW Radio, you did say that the ex-GFW staffers pretty much just had sinecures there at 1up.

Anonymous said...

im totally confused. i listened to a GFW where shawn said it was a joke. whats going on is he really leaving?

Slapshot said...

A great opportunity for Shawn, to be sure but goddam it, this has been one depressing week for us GFW Podcast listeners.

I mean, I can't believe you guys are putting YOUR OWN happiness before ours!!!


Seriously, you guys deserve the best because the talent you and Shawn and the rest of the current and former team is top notch.

Mark M said...


Ever since I started listening to the 1UP podcasts, every single person I enjoy listening to has dropped off, one by one. I'm happy for you all, but my week is that much more drab without you guys in my ear.

I'm sad.

Justin said...

My week just got a little sadder and more boring. I always looked forward to my Wednesday fix of GFW. I picked up the show just before the mag was canceled. I wanted to subscribe to read what these guys had going on.

I wish the team the best but will sadly miss the podcast.

James said...

Well said Mr.Green. Well said.

Tom P. said...

Here is what you guys have to do. Get in contact with Gabe and Tycho over at Penny Arcade, and see if you can host a Brodeo Family Reunion!

You can come back, Shawn Elliot, Shawn Melloy, and all the other awesome people from the GFW podcast!

Fuck, I would buy tickets for PAX just for that alone.

Tom P. said...

host it at PAX, is what I men't to say.

Alan Scott said...

Well said, sir.

There's no doubt in my mind that Shawn will be a superstar at 2K Boston. It's going to be interesting to watch him and you bring your talents to a whole new field.

A Brodeo reunion in the future with Shawn, Ryan, Sean, Ryan and Darren would be pure gold. It'lll be nice to hear how your views on games and games development will have changed after being on the other side of the fence for a while.

Good luck Shawn.

Thor Jarle said...

I got to know your voices too late in the life of GFW. I am listening to most of the pod-casts out there, but yours was allways the most goofy but most serious at the same time. Since I am an gamer with kid, wife and work I could relate to you.

Shawn is one of the most thought through persons in the gaming-world and I know that 2K has gotten their bargain of their life.

Dtrescott said...

Like with you Jeff I congratulate Shawn on this move into new territory (in fact I just messaged him say this).

I do feel a little sad that the voice of PC gaming over at 1UP is getting smaller and smaller.

I hope I get to hear you guys around the interwebs, over at 1UP and Gamers with Jobs (which you you did a great job on this week).

Mathew said...

I'm really excited to see what he can lend to the 2K Boston team. Dude's got a crazy awesome imagination.

Regarding Brodeo 2, Skype is an incredibly easy thing to use for podcasting. If you and Shawn and Ryan or Chuf and Robert can all set an hour or so aside on a Saturday or Sunday, that'd be pretty badass.

I don't know the schedules of devs and such, so I don't even know if that'd be possible, but I'm just throwing ideas out there :)


ThePiePieper said...

Like you Jeff, i'll miss hearing and reading Shawns works. We, as a gaming community, can only thank our luckey stars to have recieved such wounderful audio/visiual pieces and that you two are remaining in the gaming community.

Redacted said...

Just wanted to reiterate what everyone else is saying. I stumbled upon the Brodeo after hearing the promo where you rapped on 1up Yours. I am not a huge PC gamer. WoW was the only game I played on my PC for the past 3 years but I was hooked on GFW Radio. I would get really annoyed when you guys couldn't get a podcast ready for that week and now I'll just be sad. I really hope that a Son of Brodeo podcast happens soon.

Long live the Brodeo!

MSUSteve said...

Jeff man, you put my appreciation for Shawn into words better than I could have while also providing additional insight into his true personality and drive.

I never thought that you or anyone else every reigned Shawn in on the podcast, and you rightly stated that, more often than not, he was the one driving the conversation forward and trying to get to discrete topics. I have made comments in the past that I thought Sean Malloy was a good counterpoint to Shawn's views on things like PvP, but never meant to imply in any way that Malloy kept Shawn "in check" in any way, so I hope any comment I ever made wasn't lumped in with people like that. (Not that I expect anyone to recall or care about any comment I ever made!)

The loss of Shawn's voice from the gaming press is massive indeed as he is truly unique in the way he thinks about things and the life experiences and considerable knowledge he applies to games criticism is unmatched and irreplaceable.

The weird thing is, I wasn't sure I liked Shawn at all for awhile. I don't really appreciate griefing and bullying others, and I that's how I first perceived Shawn: as a bully. But damn, the guy made me laugh and really think, often in the span of minutes, and I grew to appreciate his voice and thoughts over all others, even if I didn't agree. He will be missed.

Ken said...

well said

scott said...

Alright, now after listening to 5 minutes of the podcast, I'll amend my post to this:

fuck you shawn

Flat Vanilla Coke said...

Looks like Shawn was kidding. Again. He 'fesses up at the beginning of the latest Brodeo. That bastard had me going. Again. But I'm glad it inspired you to write this blog about Shawn. It's great to receive that much more insight into his sometimes completely inscrutable character.

Maxathon said...

Right on. I'll miss Shawn's work, and yours, but I'm excited to see what you both come up with there on the greener side of the fence.

Also, thanks for keeping on with your blog!

Thor Jarle said...

Uhm, Jeff... Did you know it was a joke, or did you get pwned?

sean molloy said...

"Because here's the thing about Shawn Elliott: He makes everyone around him do better work."

I have to echo and re-echo and re-re-echo that. One thing you don't get from the podcast that you do get from being in each other's office, at lunch, in meetings about feature stories, or in those last few crazy shipping days, is that he simply won't let you phone it in. For the couple years I was at CGW/GFW/1UP, that was just how things went...with everything I wrote, I asked myself "what would Shawn think of this? Jeff? Ryan?", and if the answer was anything but "They'd dig it," then I'd go back to the drawing board.

And I really hope my role on the podcast wasn't to "keep Shawn on track." If that's what I was doing on GFW Radio, then I wish I'd left years ago. :]

tolkienfanatic said...

I guess all that remains to be seen is what developers will pick up Ryan, Anthony and Robert.

Slapshot said...

If it's a joke, it's Andy Kaufman-esque because just about everyone is reporting it as gospel.

Google "Shawn Elliott 2K Boston"

Slapshot said...

Hey there Sean! How goes things at Blizzard? You going to be at Blizzcon?

halojones-fan said...

Weekend...DENIED. Shawn Elliott, you are made of fail.

Dtrescott said...

Did I just get mega punked by both Shawn and Jeff...I'm very confused now...

Anonymous said...


Thor Jarle said...

I guess I am punked and that I should be happy, but I am just hollow... I have been violated in my mental rectum...


BC_50 said...

Heh, got to love your work Jeff, you take a whole bunch of grieving brodeoholics and bring the situation into perspective, and you guys wonder why we will miss you two so much. You and Shawn will both do great at your new jobs and i am very happy for you both. O and if the Brodeo 2 someday does happen, twitter me because i do not want to miss it.

Jeff Green said...

Sadly, guys, the joke was him saying it was a joke.

You haven't been punk'd. Promise. :(

WarOfArt said...

I'm so glad for everybody, you Jeff, Shawn, and the rest of people that are getting to realize their dreams. Sure we got to know you guys in some superficial way, we thought of you guys as our voice, somehow. Obviously the parting of some of you guys is sadenning, but that's because we will miss your voice in the public, and hearing your stories.

But it's your dreams that matter.

I didn't say it in your first blog post, but I'll say it now, you guys were a big part of my life. And hopefully we'll see the fruits of your labor.

An occasional podcast would be awesome though right?

Slapshot said...

"Jeff Green said...

Sadly, guys, the joke was him saying it was a joke."

Damn that smarmy bastard...

Heh, heh...good one Shawn.

Tom Quinn said...

Fantastic post, Jeff. His authentic intelligence always came through on the podcasts, even when he was telling some bullshit story. I'm really looking forward to the next chance you two have to collaborate again.

Of course, just because he's going to 2K Boston doesn't mean he needs to fall off the map... Maintain a presence, Shawn!

Kyle said...

I just popped over here to look at Jeff's blog and I find out Shawn is leaving 1UP . . . this is a bummer of epic proportions.

This makes the EGM subscription that was given to me without my permission and then billed to me without giving me 9 of the 12 issues i supposedly "asked" for that I came online to yell at Ziff Davis about seem totally unimportant haha. This SUCKS :/

Kyle said...

Now people are saying it's a joke? I'm so confused. I should catch up on things haha. But Jeff says no, so, I guess no. besides, would it be like shawn to joke that he's leaving? It would seem more like Shawn to start the joke that Jeff is leaving or something. I don't think he'd make himself the center of the joke.

SwiftTheRedFox said...

That was a great post. Shawn is one of the most intelligent guys I've ever listened. Sometimes it came off as rambling but most of the time he would have such a good point to make. I can't believe he is going to work with Levine. That's got to be pretty cool. Two uber genius in one place?! BOOOM!

axion said...

awesome post :D

scott said...


Dahman said...

Fuck. Now I can throw my fucking ipod away...

You guys were awesome, and were the only reseaon I ever visit 1up.

God speed!

John (Hazuki) said...

Well said, the fact ZD lost both of you in such close proximity must kill the rest of the staff because frankly the level of writing lost is staggering.

And 100% RIP Brodeo now, midweeks are shit again.

botteu said...

Great post Jeff. Just went in here to check out your new blog (and 'cause I already miss you on the Brodeo) only to find out that Shawn is leaving too... And I've just now downloaded the latest episode.

I've been listening to every episode of GFW Radio for almost two years now and not only did you deliver what I consider to be one of the things I look forward to the most every week, you also were the definitive "marijuana" that led me into the wonderful world of podcasts.

I really hope you guys get together for another show sometime. You will be missed...

I've been thinking for months now that someone would snag Shawn for a job in the games industry, so it's not really a surprise. He always struck me as a brilliant guy. Funny and brilliant.

Good luck to you both!

Fleeter said...

I'm giving forewarning that this will read a little dramatic like:

Looking forward to more posts Jeff. This whole event revolves around the simple story of a small group of specific people who'd gathered together to talk about, of all things, games. Of course "games" were related to all aspects of life, and we listened on in harmony.

All things end, and so here this simple story ends - not ever to continue along its previous path.

Through your post Jeff, and the final Brodeo -- the last few hours have been great for gaining further insight into the lives of the characters, that all of us here have followed for a year or two.

As strange as it sounds, I think that all of us who listened regularily wish we had good friends like each of you. The world's full of plenty of assholes, and you guys are some of 'em, for damn sure. But you guys are that specail kind of asshole that people want to hang around.

Ben Fidler said...

I'd just like to echo others' comments that a Skype podcast would be a minimal amount of work and commitment with a huge payoff. My friends and I who are in multiple states have been doing this for a couple of years now.

The chemistry the Brodeo had was unique and the quality of the podcast had nothing to do with the equipment on which it was recorded.

Between your blog here and Shawn's Twitter feed, however, it's not as if we'll never get our dose of your special brand of humor and his fucked up mind.

surfsimply said...

Great read Jeff.

The Brodeo was like the frickin Beatles, where the whole was greater the sum of its parts.

And now I'm gonna have to learn to love... what?... Wings?

distractionity said...

I'll miss the podcast (a whole fucking lot, to be honest), as well as the reviews, but mostly how well everyone seemed to click. 2008's podcasts were truly epic.

As a looooong time listener my heart/soul/mind/sanity is breaking, but I know with such awesome talent, things can only go up from here.

Please please please please please please please please please please consider doing a totally random utterances podcast just for the hell of it?

To express to you how much I adore(d) the thing all I can tell you is this: I don't own a PC, I don't play PC games, and I most likely never will.

But you guys? You guys were THAT awesome.

Jostein said...

Amen to that!

Glen Haupt said...

Those are some kind words, and all of them justified.

I'm just sad I never got a chance to play him in TF2 or any of the Battlefield games, and with him going out of the public eye, I fear that the opportunity is gone.

Here's hoping to see a character named Ralphie in 2K Boston's next game.

Mr. Hunter J. Esq. said...

Damn it.

I have followed the podcast from the CGW days in 2005 up to now, and it's surprisingly difficult to hear that it's coming to an end. Who would have thought that something like this would bum me out so much? Of course I hope for the best for everyone involved, but I can't help but be a bit selfish when I say that I wish it weren't happening.

Cheers guys, and thanks for the good times.

PS - fuck you, sellouts. I hate you both now.
PPS - tell shawn to start a new blog.

Anonymous said...

I understand a person must make his own choice on when it's time to hit that ol' dusty trail, but that doesn't mean you have to love the result.

GFW Radio, I listened to that podcast. Yo. Yo.

It might be said that 1Up Yours is the crown jewel of the 1up radio network, but it's most assuredly not.

The secret best podcast will always be the Brodeo.

Guys, see what you can do about setting up a skype podcast. If nothing else to keep in touch with each other!

Noah said...

I was one of those I-don't-own-a-pc-but-listen types and I'll really miss Shawn (tote in the gay way) and the synergy of everyone on that show. It was like a real life Douglas Coupland book every week. xo

paul said...

Nice article, Jeff.

I'm really gonna miss that clown-genius. I loved his ability to succintly articulate and explain his opinion of games - often hilariously linking his experiences to pop culture observations.

A quick-witted mofo, to be sure.

I'm off to chuff down an entire tub of whatever you Americans chuff down when you're depressed.

Aurok said...

CGW/GFW Radio was always, always, always the best podcast. Even during the reign of the Scarab Lord's 1up Yours, I didn't cherish it half as much as the Brodeo. You guys had a rhythm and an honesty that made every listener feel like a close, personal friend (which judging by Shawn's 'The Griefed' rap, wasn't always a good thing).

I'm very sad the Brodeo is no more, it was really the whole reason I started paying attention to podcasts and, and it's enriched the landscape of games journalism in ways you guys probably won't ever realize, but at least it had a happy ending.

Jeff, you know Shawn's moving to Boston, you know PAX will be there in a year and a half, you have to get the crew back together to do a live, reunion Brodeo in front of a crowd of your adoring fans. The fact that the 1up Yours guys have experienced their stardom first hand and you all haven't is the only real crime.

moog1e said...

This is for Jeff and Shawn:

Thanks for making Thursday mornings a lot less boring while I wait in the halls of my college.

The Brodeo, along with the other 1up podcasts, inspired me to turn my ideas into actual living projects. I work in a field where podcasting is still a very obscure idea, but I am trying to change that by producing 2-3 podcasts each week. So far it has gotten me financial backing for one of them as well as a new job at a start up website.

I can not thank you enough for all the laughs and inspiration you guys have given me. I wish you both the best of luck at your new jobs.

Shawn: You better not stop playing CoH! I have to be able to hold my own against you and the guys eventually.

Jeff: Any chance you'll be going to Blizzcon? Maybe to set fire to booths, etc?

ChryslerLebaron said...

Fucking awesome post, Jeff.

Michael in NYC said...

Very nicely written Jeff. Shawn is a remarkable talent and the end of GFW Radio truly is the end of a podcasting era. I do hope Shawn and Sean and Ryan take you up on your suggestion of a Brodeo 2 someday -- I think you could even get a sizeable amount of fans to scratch up some donations to make it happen. Make Brodeo 2 happen and we'll put your daughter through college.

Juan said...

Shawn will be missed! A great personality and great mind. Alas, with this we can lay CGW to finally rest in peace. JEff, may your career at EA be as exciting and motivating as you deserve. Good luck to you, good luck to Shawn. I am left with one question, back when the mag was still coming out, how many times did you play out the exercise of picking either Shawn or Sean as a possible succesor for your job? Hmm? ... My guess would have been Shawn for his creativity and Sean as second in command for organization.

The Deviot said...

Like you Jeff, I'm going to miss seeing Shawn on 1up, and hearing him on the podcasts.
I think he'll do wonderfully at 2K working on whatever they'll have him doing once he gets over the Jetlag.
It is another big loss for ZD, but hopefully (and your entry would suggest this is the case) a lot of his work ethic, and ideals will rub off on or be cultivated within the up and comers. Sort of how a guy breaking into wrestling would want to learn from Ric Flair or at the very least be very inspired by what he accomplished. Not try to "Be the man" but look at those hardships, and take their own lessons from them to improve their own voice. And feel free to put yourself in the same sort of place, as I'm sure there are tons of former coworkers you must have also inspired in the same kind of way. 1up really won't be the same without any of you.
But I know you guys will do exceptional work in your respective new territory.
Okay I'm done gushing for now.

LivingInTheCity said...

Jeff, you know Shawn's moving to Boston, you know PAX will be there in a year and a half, you have to get the crew back together to do a live, reunion Brodeo in front of a crowd of your adoring fans. "

I think that everyone would be excited for that.

Jeff, I just wanted to thank you and Shawn for creating such a kick ass podcast week after week. It would always be there to brighten my day, and now it's gone...

Best of luck to both of you guys with your new careers.

Hyde said...

I just want you two to get together and do a podcast where you talk about games journalism and what it means to the profession for two people as talented and dedicated as you both were to have to light out for game development. It's sure not good for it, though I'm glad you'll both be mnakin' money and games.

But I'll miss those voices.

Whither the games journalist?

Anonymous said...

thanks Jeff for eloquently expressing such nice thoughts, full of insight, on both Shawn's relationship with you and your work together. Shawn has reminded me much of my brother along with several people I've had the joy of meeting. Someone who has the gift of delivering such complex thoughts and observations with such a high level of deduction and humor. It is a feat I greatly admire and strive for and am sure many have come to enjoy listening to. I know it will show up in "the project".

You guys will be sorely missed and closely watched. don't step away yet... Have to admit i was moved by your offer to get together again. We'll all be watching, the podcast generation that is.

Best of Luck to both of you, all the rewards are aptly deserved.

Josh of Cubicle Ninjas said...

You and Shawn are already sorely missed. Love you guys. Cheers to the great games you'll create!

usafadam said...

I agree with those who said that if you four could organize a Brodeo2 or a CGW2, I'd happily give money and sell all my old clothes to bums to get it up and running.

Jeff, if you get the stirring to start a mag somehow someway in the future... (maybe a downloadable pdf one even), announce it here on your blog. I think many of us would throw our money and candy your way to make it happen.

This is not the end of a mag and podcast, but the end of an era of greatness, and the last bastion of old school computer gaming goodness.

Hostile said...

What a way to go for GFW Radio though. The last couple were funny as all hell.

Jomolungma said...

Shawn was one of only a select few journalists/commentators covering the gaming space that I thought really added to gaming's social and cultural value in today's games-equals-satan environment. His presence will be sorely missed (as will yours Jeff - but you got your praise a few days ago!). I think that if the Brodeo staff got together and simply put on an independent podcast, you all could make a small chunk-o-change. I can hoestly say I would pay for the opportunity to hear the show once a week, and I'm sure others feel the same (but let's not go crazy with the price - we're all poor in our own ways).

Anyway, it's a really sad few weeks in the history of games journalism (a short history, I admit). I take solace, however, in the fact that you guys are now making games, games that I eagerly look forward to playing.

Bobby Phillipps said...

Wait, wait, I'm listening to the brodeo, and Shawn said he *isn't* leaving. You guys keep screwing with us! First Chuff's little Yaddle joke, and now this! So, what's the truth? Is Jeff Green really only on Vacation? :P

Whatever the case, I'm gonna miss the brodeo, hearing all your guys' voices every week. :)

Gunsakimbo said...


Bobby Phillipps said...

GOD DAMNIT! He really is leaving! DAMN IT! I feel, and look dumb, now. Freaking Shawn!

I love you guys! :D

Resmi said...

Well said Jeff. I'm going to miss you both but good luck nonetheless! The world is a better place with people like the two of you around.

Brandon 'Vander' Cooper said...

I'm so damn confused. I just started listening to the last Brodeo and Shawn just said he was joking. I guess I'll find out at the end of the podcast...

Mongo said...

Fantastic post Jeff.

I am quite surprised at how sad I am at the loss of the Brodeo. I realized today how much I looked forward to the laughs, thoughts & insight into gaming all of you brought to the table each week.

I have to constantly remind myself that you guys are now out there getting into the development side and that can only mean even better games in the future for EVERYONE.

Sam "QforQ" Houston said...

Good luck Shawn!

If you guys do a Brodeo 2 that would be the coolest thing ever. I hope you guys consider it, even if you can't do it every week and have to limit it. I think all your fans would be really happy to hear from the group of guys they've grown to love over the past couple years.

Rune Lockhart said...

god it kills my 2 c my Favorite Podcast dissolve one by one.. but perhaps it is for the good. all perfect things come to an end...but but not forever. shawn made me look at game in a different way at times. and the industry as a hole. I start my work week with the Brodeo. what now...?? i wish shawn luck in all things he dose! an those twitters?!...god help us all!?,Lol it like Russian roulette with what EVER comes of those TinyURL Links!!,LOL!!

Dan said...

As Ryan would say.. Hell Yeah!

On a selfish point of view, I hate it that theres no more Brodeo, but working with Lavine is a chance that everyone should snap up. 2k Boston will be a better place with Shawn there. Good luck to him, and thanks for the blog entry Jeff.. It sums up how most of us think..

Anonymous said...

Almost made me cry.

I don't feel like going into a long soliloquy here because I've already somewhat done that today and don't feel like thinking that much again at the present moment.

All four of you guys will never write about PC games again on a professional basis. Fuck.

creese said...

I'm gonna miss the Brodeo and all you guys (in a hetero way), but i love that you guys chose to end it on a high note. I would never want my memory to be tainted with a stale brodeo. i love you guys (screw it, in a totally gay way) and hope you keep blogging so i can keep up with you. You and shawn have actually inspired me in many ways so thanks for everything! Great blog post for an amazing guy!

I cant wait for the future to say how podcasts used to be better in the old days, citing GFW radio. In all honesty, i believe you guys made history with your podcast, im sure many others had to step up their game once they listened to your guys at your peak. Good Luck to you and Shawn in all your future endeavors!

Cloudstrife said...

One thing that is most sad about the end of the brodeo, is that it ended without you Jeff, with your leave the episode before. I haven't listened to the last episode yet, but this does annoy me to some extent, though I don't doubt it will be great.

Anyways, Shawn is a great writer and personality. Good luck at 2k Boston Shawn, I'm sure it will turn out great.

Anonymous said...

GFW was far and away the best podcasts I ever listened too.

Once you guys are bedded into your new jobs, you should really think about releasing some sort of semi regular skype cast or some thing.

Honestly, I don't think you probably even understand how many people loved that show.

If not, thanks again and good luck in your future life. People like you and shawn should celebrated in a world of bland media spin and pr driven rubbish.

Gabe said...

Oh no! I'm very happy for both of you, but if I may for a second be honest. Fuck your happiness! I demand that you drag both your asses back down to 1UP and do a podcast every Wednesday! Nay! 3 times a week! What am i going to listen to now on those long commutes? Those hacks at PCGamer? That hour long PS3 orgy that is 1UP Yours?!

No in all seriousness, you guys made my week and I can remember many times sitting in front of iTunes pressing the refresh button waiting for your podcast to download.

I wish you guys success at your future endeavours, and if it does work out, you can always come back to Ziff.


Todd H said...

I really believe you and Shawn should get together and do something similar to TWIT (This Week in Tech).

Leo Leporte and John C. Dvorak are the co-hosts and they have regular guests (many from their days at G4). You could get a sound board and some good headsets and do it over skype on week-ends or week-nights once a week. I think the show would be brilliant as you are both loved very much by all of us and your story telling and insight are second to none.

I know talking about some things would be off-limits given your new jobs, but that would be totally understandable. You could still talk about the games you are playing or games you played in the past (perhaps a retro section). You could talk about entertainment in general. Movies, TV and comics have been always been a part of GFW Radio. Hell, I would tune in just to listen to you both share stories.

Please consider something like this as I think it would be a hit with everyone.

Jeremy said...

This is an excellent post and I agree, Shawn is unique. Just like any great film, or book, or story, he always had me questioning, "what will happen next?"
Forgive the digression but I found an
with Ed Catmull, who is the president of Pixar and now runs Disney/Pixar animation studios, and I posted for Shawn. It might be interesting for you also since the challenge pushing past the cliches and saying something unique is in every industry. How is it possible to create an environment that fosters that creative and collaborative spirit? Guess you've had experience with that aspect already though. Without the boss that gives freedom to create and sometimes fail, its not possible to develop a unique voice.

Jeff Bourbeau said...

"A ringleader of clowns."

This is a truly perfect way of putting it. And:

"A beacon of intelligence in an industry rampant with idiocy."

You've exposed him and the medium. Well done.

Brian said...

The very best of luck to Shawn. He's got such a brilliant and deviant mind. My wish is to see him do writing and characterization as the Tim Schafer of an adventure game. In my wildest dreams you 1UPpers make a point-and-click LSL ripoff "Chuff Love and the Quest for More Clicks".

Anonymous said...

Aw, these blogs are way too much fun to read. I'm a bit sad though because obviously Jeff is going to be starting his new job next week and won't be able to blog like this - how come he didn't get a job writing for a daily newspaper? They could've given him his own space, and he could've called it Greenspeak, and he could've written about life, the universe, and everything.

What I find fascinating here is the way the GFW editors, after having had the rug pulled out from underneath them so to speak, have moved on to seemingly bigger and better things. First Malloy, then Green, and now Elliott.

This is further evidence, I think, that in order for something good to happen, it's often the case that something bad - or a string of bad things - must happen first.

My experience has been that when the bad thing is happening it often feels like the whole world is conspiring against you, but that in hindsight, when you step back and look at the whole sequence of events from afar, it's often the case that a pattern will emerge. It's like there's a kind of method in the madness.

Boy I sure hope that Jeff writes about his experiences at EA - that would be fascinating. (Maybe he's one of these guys who deals with stress by writing about it?) Jeff, we are all benefiting greatly from these frank discussions and it would be a great shame to have these blog posts of yours dry up on us. Keep writing!

Also, this is completely off the topic, but why is it that before I post a comment I have to type in a 'word verification'? Presently I'm seeing the letters 'tsasmrl' in green, and I have to type these characters in before posting this comment. Inevitably I get the sequence wrong - it seems like a silly thing to have to do?


Eddie Aitken said...

Great post Jeff and big congrats to Shawn and his future endeavors.

Grubber said...

What about Darren Gladstone? He was a big influence on the early episodes. Where did he end up?

Miguel Angel said...

It was sad to see Shawn go but I know both yourself & Shawn will bring great things to your respective new companies.

TURB0 said...

Damn this means Shawn will never get to put out that mixtape I keep messaging him about!

He'll have a lot of fun in Boston as long as he stay off the T at night.

Kevin said...

I don't even play PC games, but once I decided 1up Yours wasn't enough about two years ago, I listened to your guys' and was shocked by how much I was interested hearing you, Shawn, Sean, Robert, or whoever was on talk about games I'd never even play! You guys always had deep insight that was able to be hilarious and intelligent at the same time (well, other than those ROFL prank calls!).

I don't usually comment on blogs mostly because I just listen to these things to relax... then get back to the important stuff like schoolwork or my job. Even if you don't read this I just want to say thanks for making such a great podcast and I'm look forward to the epic finale.

I completely missed it when you left so I'm saying good luck to both you and Shawn! Your awesome Jeff!

Diego said...

Too many hits in a short time.
First was the magazine, then Jeff and now this.
I hope he has a great time @ 2K.

Anonymous said...

Words that spoke volume's about the legacy that Shawn Elliot has left behind at His humor is outstanding, which sometimes, will be so off the wall, most people that lack intellectual understanding, wouldn't know what the hell he's talking about. Which is why everyone loved about him. Intellectual humor - where only the geeks can understand.

Shawn will be missed and I truly hope that life over at 2k Boston will be a fruitful one for him.

Mattias said...

I AM happy for him, I AM. I am happy for you too.

But damn do I miss you both! :(

Can't we be sad and happy at the same time? :)

(and I had so much candy I was going to send too! Damn it!)

GayTank said...

I'll be honest, I don't follow 1UP as a site, I only came across them from hearing Jeff on the Legendary Thread podcast I picked up when I started playing WoW early last year - yeah sorry, I jumped on the TBC bandwagon :) -

The episode of the annoucement that saw GFW magazine axed was heart breaking and seeing you all now go your separate ways isn't really surprising.

I think as fans all we can do is wish you luck in all you endeavours and hope you stay in touch.


Wolfen said...

I miss GFW now. You left and then Shawn left taking the podcast with him. I am going to miss the one "radio show" I looked forward too every week. I'm going to miss hearing Ryan's "What the Hell?" and Shawns Random crap. Heck I'll even miss your sometimes off date intros. I hope everyone from the Brodeo can someday get back together for some more podcasts. Heck even if it became a once a month thing I'd love that!

I hope you all get back together.

nicknick said...

thanks, jeff, for the blog. you guys were cool. I'll miss working with you.

Anonymous said...

What a great post. this is a well said send off for one of the better game journalists out there. We'll miss both of you!

jose said...

Damn! I will miss his voice on the podcast. Good luck Shawn! Same to you Jeff. Keep guessing on the Gamers with Jobs podcast please!


Spod said...


1up is maaad dead. Poor 1up.

Best o' luck to both of you.

Anonymous said...

It kills me to see you guys go, but at the same time, it feels right.

I've only been listening to you guys for about a year, and your combined talent is obbvious.

I can't specifically put my finger on what kept me comming bakc to GFW radio. At first you were one of the many 1up podcasts that I subscribed to on that one day, (due to the fact that Gamespot only offered one, and my drive to work was considerably longer than that.) but, over time, i found myself laughing and relating more to your podcast more so than any other than I was listening to.

in all honesty, it had nothing to do with the fact that you covered PC games; it was the voice in wich you all spoke with realism and humor.

I will never forget sitting in the parking lot of my local grocery store, knowing I had to buy milk and what not, but I had to sit idling to here Shawn go on about his adventures in second life.

This is a conversation anyone could have with a good friend who wanted to grief, but I was entranced.

Thank you both for validating the hobby of an English teacher dad who loves games and humor. It's 1up's and my loss, but It's also my gain in the future when I sample the products that both you and Shawn have been involved with.


Russ the English Teacher

AwakeRev said...

Between Shawn's homage to you and now your words about Shawn, I must say that I pray that the both of you will continue to write in some way. I guess you are through the blog. You are both geniuses in your own right and you will be sorely missed in the journalism arena. Hats off to you both.

Tydigame said...

I think people talking about you keeping Shawn in check were being tongue in cheek, at least to some degree. It references what made GFW radio special, which was the interplay between the participants' personalities. So just because you were "keeping Shawn in check", that doesn't mean people would want him to be less outspoken, or that they dislike him. It was more like you were foils for one another, playing the parts that made for great entertainment and insight.

tomsamson said...

Ok, i have a new goal in life:
I want to achieve it that one day someone as great a person as Jeff is says things about me as those things Jeff said about Shawn.
Ok, that will be difficult case for that i´d have to become more like Shawn, but i´ll try :D

Anyway, yeah, Shawn is a great person and i don´t know what else to add after your lengthy post summing up many things nicely so i´ll just wish you and Shawn all the best in your new jobs.
I like the blog a lot btw, keep it up, very nice to still feel like you´re around and also to get some insight on how it feels to start working somewhere like at EA (I´m a small indy develooper working at home :) )

Anonymous said...

it's brodeo DOS,

jeff gringo!

Anonymous said...

What, no love for Gladstone?

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